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Gaurav Raja

In your life everything happens for a reason. My this article is a tribute to the design guru LateM.P Ranjan .Born in Madras in 1950,he was design teacher in NID (National institute of design).He joined NID in 1969 and studied furniture design and started teaching soon after completing the programme. He was an ultimate designer. He launched the mini wheeler series at his shop. Ranjan sir adventures with furniture design and toy making tuned his works towards craft. He was a laconic speaker and would love to express in very few words .A prolific thinker and writer, he published over 300 papers online .He along with his wife brought to light the possibilities of India’s unique journey with craft.
I met him during my summer internship program in IIM Ahmedabad organised by SRISTI, UNICEF,NIF. At first I pondered what will be he doing during our programme but later on I realised that I was very lucky to have mentorship from him. During our first few weeks we were to read about design .What is design and what it take to be a good designer and execute your prototype in good design that is acceptable by all. He used to take our classes. In beginning it was new topic for us but slowly we ended up on a good note. And all during this I got to know a very few details of him. But slowly we were known to each other.
31_gouravIt was our last day and we all were having snacks together that’s when he revealed that he have been in Tripura (Agartala) for more than a decade. His contribution is immense in Agartala.He was the person who looked deep and visualised the furniture design for easy transportation. He looked at the bamboo plantation for their fantastic ability .He described his worked on KANAKAIS a type of bamboo that was used for fishing rods and boat propelling ,For making mass produced furniture. Tripura bamboo mission commissioned NID for a project,Chalo Katlamara in 2007-2008 and he was the man who played an immense role in all these transformation. He used to describe that ‘’a design doesn’t start with on computers, it just required a rough sketching, an idea, an iteration, refined process and then validation. No matter how bad your idea is but it can be ended up on good note if you continuously iterate it accordingly. He was also instrumental in the inception of BCDI in Agartala.
People of Agartala should be thankful to him and as far as I know many of them are unknown to him but my this article is a tribute to the design guru Late M.P Ranjan on behalf of all Tripuris for his immense contribution in north east (Agartala).
He always tell “every finish line is a new beginning .And design is a circle, but you go to the beginning with new way”. If anyone is interested in his design work he/she can log on toacademia.edu and design for india.com.

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