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Border line Affairs in Boxanagar (Tripura)

Anindita Datta


The political border of India and Bangladesh is an important factor of human convulsions. Tripura as a state has changed culturally and demographically because of presence of border from three sides. Tripura shares border with Bangladesh approx of 2,890 km. Some parts of Tripura are still unfenced and construction is in process. According to Tripura government survey of 2006 at least 7,123 families in the State will lose their homes, land because their properties will fall between the Indian fence and Zero line. In Sonamura division of west Tripura where in many parts construction of fencing work is in process. 

Boxanagar subdivision of Sonamura (West Tripura) a place where the fencing work is in under construction has displaced thousands of people.  Some villages in Boxanagar like Rahimpur, Putia, Ashabari, Madhya Boxanagar, Kalshimura, uttar kalamchara, Matinagar, Ananda Nagar, Kamalnagar and Kulubari are in the vicinity of Bangladesh border. According to government records approx 300 families from this above mentioned villages land and homes fall between Indian fence. When Sonamura's magistrate ordered to resume the work on border fencing in September 2015 thousands of villagers protested and threatened hunger strikes.

The areas where the fencing work in taking progress in densely populated and providing them adequate compensation have been a biggest challenge for the government officials.  Many families who haven’t received adequate amount of compensation are still leaving on the areas fell between the fences and they are engaged with cross border cultivation work. To control the population movement government made border gates in respective areas where people were allotted with Border identity cards which they have to show in the gates. And the BSF officers are there in the gates to check the people passing by the gate which remain open from 6’o clock morning to evening 6’o clock. 

Other than that Smuggling, trafficking, trading and identity are most some of the influential factors in border areas. Borders have changed into a political factor affecting social and economic structure of the society.  This has become a root cause of social and political unrest. The situation became worst with the smuggling of cannabis and Pensydelen. 

However, in the era of globalisation opening of borders is being advocated all over the world. This is an issue in which no nation state is ready to compromise.  Both the countries India and Bangladesh are focus on national security then of people staying near the borders.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Borders all over the world are many with different countries. But the problems faced by the people are same.  The government should focus on underlying causes of illegal border intrusion which might be helpful. 

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