Yoga is magic!

Trinayana Brahma

At the age of 12 
I came to know that I have cervical spondylosis. I was told by the doctors to quit dancing and playing outside  .I Felt disgusting ,head ache ,stiffness in the neck ,shoulders ,hands also tremendous pain in the base of my skull along migraine pain which was another serious issue .
9 years of suffering and neglecting neck stretches (doing them once or twice a week) which was also prescribed by one doctor but I was told to do those exercises every day. I guess I myself wouldn't have continued them and start doing Yoga if I was not studying Dental.
I was in the first year back then, my age was 19.Human Anatomy - The Head and Neck was one of our important subject and there I learnt the importance of these two essential part of our body .One day something popped up into my head and I thought of doing those old exercises and neck stretches which I used to ignore all these time  of my life rather I would  take anti-inflammatory pills and high dose drugs which was obviously not good for health ,gave me lot of sleep in unusual time .Pain Reduced But for certain period of time .

Life changed from 2016!

Yes! I think I took the best decision of my life.I ordered one yoga mat and it was October 2016 and I opened   YouTube, I downloaded few books and bought some yoga books. I was now loving everything about Yoga.some little changes I got and saw me with  no more in pain ,no more anxiety ,zero percent frustration .sadly I had lot of anger issues, also no more depression, no more regrets after coming into yoga .

Depression during my school days
 I was mocked up by people in my high school calling me by  different names  Skinny ,dark  ,ugly  ,fat legs. Also was advised to use fairness cream, was told  to wear and eat like a perfect girl  but basically I feel everything was just a  shit . 
How amazing isn’t it that we live in 21st century but we talk like people who lived during 17th century? Yoga is Magic!

Yoga heals you from inside and yes it did to me .since 2016 December first time from my college hostel room itself I started doing yoga from very basics -10 yoga and now I am almost in advance stage within 1.5 years doing headstands and lot more. Been learning yoga all by myself and I swear I give no excuses. Achieved a lot from it. Recently winner of  two yoga contest  and now I am teaching Yoga online, giving health advises, diet plan ,helping as  many people  I can offline too . I never thought the poses which I could never do I will someday do it gracefully .I kicked away my spondylosis it's like a new life I got after doing Yoga.

Pranayama helped me with my breathing pattern .Inhaling the good energies and exhaling the bad energies.
Now the question is why even I am dedicated to yoga?
That's because Yoga is something if you do it once you will never feel like giving up ,yoga is like breathing to me ,yoga be a better living ,you don't need a teacher for yoga to start ,you don't need a studio ,all you need just to start from Today.
Today that noob yogini is no more a noob but Yogini_trinayana.
I got a name from it.

My state Tripura is proud of me 
Lot of people say I am an inspiration for them, well I think we all can inspire and help one another if we take a good initiative from our home itself.
Women ,men ,teens & New generation kids must do yoga everyday to keep their body and mind fit ,also mother's are requested to prepare healthy meals and motivate their children to do yoga  ,every  family members must give time for physical exercise. Surely you will love your soul after you start from very basics. 20 minutes pranayam sequence and 20 minutes yoga Asanas are enough if you have a busy schedule. Like if you are a college student, school student, home maker, teacher, banker, Doctor, matter how Fat or how thin you are Yoga will help you to fall in love with your own skin ,with your own soul I am sure you will feel the connection with the father soul and yoga energy will bring peace in your life .
Try Doing It.