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The Interview was scheduled to be started at 10 am it started at 11.35 am. But you cannot blame him.Hundreds of Visitors qued up to meet him since early morning. Meet Biplab Kumar Deb the Chief Minister in waiting who ended 25 years of Communist rule in Tripura by winning 2018 Assembly Elections with a huge majority gives an exclusive Interview to www.tripurachronicle.in where he speaks his heart out on how the new Government will function how he looks at doing certain things and how the communist have destroyed the Tripura Culture in the last 25 years
Q: From a RSS trained Person residing in Delhi to becoming BJP State President of Tripura and now the Chief Minister of Tripura how would you describe your Journey?
A: I don’t Plan for Journey. If I would have planned I would have gone certain places. The things which happened it happened with time. I consider Time is the biggest thing. Time does not wait for anyone not for me not for you. From Childhood I was Shyam Sebak. Then I worked with different leaders in New Delhi. Then I had returned to my homeland the top leaders in Delhi gave me a chance to work here.

I am grateful to my Party President Amit Bhai Shah ji for giving me the opportunity to work here. I would have worked for an NGO but the party has selected me and gave me an chance I am very much thankful to them. My Father contested from Kakraban Constituency for three terms being the last on 1998.

So all my success and this Journey I am indebted to my parents and RSS for teaching me the values.
Q: After becoming Chief Minister what is your main priority?
A: See Government is elected by the People. The people in Tripura have forgotten it because of the Left Front Government who have introduced Party Cadre & different scams to the state. For the last two decades there has been no development in any sector thanks to Left Front Government. The leaders carry cruel mentality and they play divide and rule. Thanks to our Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji who have shown the Country how development happens. Our main motto is Sabka Sath Sabka Bikas. After saying that my first priority after becoming Chief Minister is to provide Good Governance, Good Education Good health Infrastructure Good Work Culture and Adequate Revenue Generation for the people of Tripura.
Q: The Law & Order System & Rationing System have been declining in the last decade what action in this regards?
A: See not only Law & Order System every where the system has been damaged by the Left Front Government . They have destroyed the Work Culture over here. After taking oath these things will be taken care of by our Cabinet. Law and order will be monitored closely and strictly. Since CPM has ruled for last two decades and Gundaraj has been started. We will completely stop this irrespective of any party. Now the trend is changing shirt all people are now BJP. Changing the colour of your party cap does not change the character of a person.We are identifying them who are changing colors .
Q: The Education system in our State has been badly affected by the termination of 10,323 teachers. What are your views on that?
A: Once the Ministry is formed , the concerned Minister will look into it in a serious matter. We have a Vision document .We know the problems and We will look for Solution in a time bound and I assure that such problems will be solved quickly.
Q: Your party has declared 7th Pay Commission for Employees , Smart Phone for every youth , increase in wages in the manifesto .From when it will be implenetd?
A: We will start once the Ministry is formed and trust upon me ,my Cabinet team and Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji. I am not a big Politician but I promise you if needed I will sleep in the floors of Secretariat to work. I am here to work for the people and I will work for the people. We know we don’t have much revenue .Centre gives 90 % of the funds.I will go every department in Delhi for the betterment of Tripura and its people.
Q: What are the other names in your Cabinet Ministry?
A: Jishnu Debbarma is my Deputy Chief Minister you know that. Other names will be given shorty just wait.