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Zigzag brick-kiln technology reduces coal consumption for baking of bricks
By Our Correspondent, 12/09/2018, Agartala

Skill development training for brick workers on Zig- Zag technology was inaugurated on Wednesday at Agartala Pres club.  The program was conducted by NB institute for rural technology, sponsored by Directorate of Skill development.

Dr SP Gon Chaudhuri, President NBIRT, Dr S Prabhu Director of Skill development along with others remained present in the program.  The short term training for brick workers on Zig- Zag technology is aimed at promoting the adaption of Zig- Zag technology as it cost effective and most importantly environment friendly.

Addressing the program the experts stressed kiln owners to adopt new zigzag technology as was not only environment-friendly but also cost-effective.

The experts further added that the zigzag brick-kiln technology reduces 40% coal consumption for baking of bricks and similarly, it also offers 90% top quality bricks compared with 70% secured through conventional methods. The technology was very much effective in terms of cost as well as a reduction in pollution, the experts added.



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