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Next Vice President of India: Naidu back in race, BJP says don't speculate
By Our Correspondent, 17/07/2017, New Delhi

The rumour mills are abuzz with the name of Venkaiah Naidu who the BJP could chose as its candidate for the next Vice President of India. While some in BJP circles say that he is a front runner to the post of VP, others point out that the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is unlikely to let go of him from the Cabinet.The BJP is expected to announce the name of its candidate after its parliamentary board meet today. The meet is expected to take place once the polling for the presidential elections are over today. While many are speaking of Naidu being the BJP's candidate, the man himself has rejected it. He said that he is not in the race. The BJP will appoint an insider for the post. Moreover the party wants a candidate who is capable of running the Rajya Sabha where the BJP has had its fair share of problems.


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