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Amit Shah throws central funds barb at Mamata Banerjee
By Our Correspondent, 13/09/2017, Kolkata



 Even Mamata Banerjee, BJP's biggest critic, cannot accuse the party of corruption, BJP's national president Amit Shah said in Kolkata on Tuesday.

Addressing intellectuals a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke at length on Swami Vivekananda and Rabindranath Tagore, Shah — on a three-day visit to the city — highlighted how West Bengal, a land of greats, was struggling to restore its place of pride in the national scenario.

"When BJP took over in 2014, the former government was mired in scams and corruption worth nearly Rs 12 lakh crore. The nation had to wait months to hear from the Prime Minister. Every minister in the past government considered himself or herself the PM. But nobody considered the PM to be the PM. It was historic that a party won an absolute majority after 30 years and this was the only non-Congress government to achieve that," Shah said.

Claiming the allocation for Bengal had gone up significantly in the 13th five-year Plan period, Shah urged people to ask Banerjee where the funds had disappeared. "They have all gone to syndicates. You voted to get rid of the Reds and bring in the Blues. You had hoped for peace, prosperity and growth....Take a look at what is happening in the bordering areas. There is illegal migration, smuggling of fake Indian currency notes and violence. It seems these places are still in the pre-Independence era," he said.

Speaking on restrictions on immersion of Durga idols on Ek-adashi, Shah accused the state government of engaging in politics of appeasement. Earlier in the day, he attempted to bolster the morale of workers by pointing out that BJP was in a far better situation in the run-up to polls than it was around this time in UP.

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