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Few splash of rain left Agartala city flooded
By Our Correspondent, 13/09/2017, Agartala


Where people are yet to recover from the flood condition of the state, few splash of rain on Wednesday afternoon once again flooded the streets of Agartala city. Many low lying areas were inundated with the rain water. Back to black flood and continuous rainfall have turned life miserable. With the drain fully covered with garbage the water flow was blocked resulting flooding of the streets in Agartala city. People are now becoming tired of the every flood like situation in the city as the drainage system in the city is truly miserable.

Normal life in the states capital came to a grinding halt on Wednesday morning as moderate rain has wreaked havoc in the city and its suburbs leading to cancellation of traffic movement services that left thousands of commuters stranded.

The commuters claimed the downstream waterway of the drain has been completely blocked that has resulted in accumulation of water in many places. Commuters got stranded in many parts of the city as traffic movements were very less due to the rain.

Commuters were stuck for a long time as several parts of Agartala city was choked.


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