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Armed Forces Flag Day observed in Tripura
By Our Correspondent, 07/12/2017, Agartala


Along with the other parts of the nation, Tripura on Thursday observed Armed Forces Flag Day.

The Armed Forces Flag Day is celebrated all over India every year on 7th of December in order to collect the funds from people all around the country for the wellbeing of the staff of the Indian Armed Forces. It was first celebrated in India on 7th of December in the year 1949. Since 1949, it has become a ritual in order to memorialize this day in the great honour of the soldiers, sailors and airmen of the India. It is enthusiastically celebrated throughout the country intending to tribute the courageous and martyred soldiers, to salute the expert soldiers as well as to refurbish the harmony of citizens.

The Armed Forces Flag Day celebration strengthens the cultural bond among the people of India and the staffs of armed forces. This celebration plays a great role in enhancing the welfare of the serving personnel of Indian armed forces.


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