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Preparation on peak for Makar Sankranti celebration across Tripura
By Our Correspondent, 12/01/2018, Agartala


Known with different name in other parts of the state, Tripura is also scheduled to celebrate Makar Sankranti on Sunday with zeal and enthusiasm.

Women, young girls all are seen busy in designing Alpana-colourful motifs in the courtyard of every house ahead of the sankranti celebration. Designing motifs on the occasion of sankranti is a part of the Bengali rituals but over the years it has turned into a competition on the village.

People from far flung areas visit the village to take a glimpse of these motifs. The women in the villages enjoys designing these motifs as it showers happiness to them and brings joy among them.

To celebrate this harvest festival, in all bengali homes, mothers and grandmothers get busy making a special kind of sweet named 'Pithe', which is made with rice flour. Another special thing is needed is Palm Jaggery(khejurer Gur), which is only available in winter season.

The festival commemorates the beginning of the harvest season.


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