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Deprived Casual staffs of Agriculture department blocks VIP road, demands regularization
By Our Correspondent, 12/01/2018, Agartala


Casual workers working as gardeners on Friday locked road at Circuit house in demand of job regularization. The deprived workers stated that if they are not being regularized they will continue with their protest curriculum in the coming days.

The department casual staffs raised voice for regularization. The casual staffs working as gardeners, who are deprived, earlier placed deputation to Agriculture Director D P Sarkar.

The deprived staffs staged mass demonstration demanding clarification about the Job regularization of the casual staffs of the Agriculture Department.

Once again the deprived staffs of the Agriculture department gave a clamor to go for massive protest in the coming days if their long pending demands of job regularization are not fulfilled. It is to be mentioned here that the contractual staffs of Agriculture department is raising voice for their demand of Job Regularization for past many days but all their demands are being put into deaf ear.

The employees also stated that if Minister does not give any assurance in the coming days they will launch massive protest.


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