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Actor Om Puri did not died natural death – Mumbai police
By Our Correspondent

Mumbai , 10 Jan, 2017 :: Mumbai Police has found and revealed some unusual facts about actor Om Puri’s death.Mumbai Police officials have recorded the statements of Om Puri's driver Ram Mishra and producer Khalid Kidwai in connection with the actor's death. Puri, aged 66, was found dead in the kitchen of his Andheri home, on the morning of last Friday.

Earlier, it was suspected that the actor had suffered a heart attack. After the post-mortem report, it was revealed that he had also sustained a minor head injury as a result of his fall. Since the actor was alone at home at the time of his death and was injured, the police had to file an Accidental Death Report as part of their routine procedure.

Puri's driver Ram Mishra was the one who found the actor dead on Friday morning. He told the police that he had dropped Puri home late on Thursday night after a party. However, when he reported to duty on Friday morning at 7 am, Puri didn't answer the doorbell. An alarmed Mishra asked Puri's neighbours for help, and the door was eventually opened with the help of the police.

According to reports, Puri’s viscera samples of have been sent to the forensic science laboratory at Kalina to ascertain the exact cause of death. The post-mortem results are expected in another two weeks.

Meanwhile, producer Khalid Kidwai — who was reportedly with Puri until a few hours before his death — told the police that the actor had consumed alcohol on Thursday night, and had wanted to meet his son Ishaan.

“Om Puri wanted to meet his son Ishan on Thursday evening. So we went to Trishul building where his ex-wife Nandita lives with Ishan but were unable to meet them as both Nandita and Ishan had gone for a party. Om Puri then had an argument over the phone with Nandita and asked them to come soon as he wanted to meet his son," Kidwai said in his statement to the cops,

"He poured a drink in his glass and waited for almost 45 minutes at Nandita's flat. But when they did not turn up, he took the glass and liquor bottle and started drinking in the car. After finishing the drink, we left," the statement concluded.

After his death, his close friend and actor Naseeruddin Shah said, “Om had some personal issues which had left his mental and physical health in a shambles. I know for a fact that Om was really suffering during the last few years. And there was no way out of it. Though his death was sudden, I can’t say it was totally unexpected,” he said. “In a way, death has relieved him of all the stress, and that includes the bad films he took on, I presume for financial reasons”.

Today, during his prayer meet his close friend and actor Anu Kapoor said, “There are certain people who are creating these theories around his death. Our Mumbai police are very efficient and they are doing their duty and they will soon disclose important facts relating to this case therefore, it is not proper for me to comment anything about his exact cause of death”.

He further added, “People who have doubts regarding his death should come forward to speak their mind. Over the years he and his family have suffered a lot so I wish peace for his soul and his family as well”.

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