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Mother of one jumps from Dibrugarh-Agartala express train, later rescued safe
By Our Correspondent

Agartala , 10 Jan, 2017 :: Panic had gripped the passengers of Dibrugarh-Agartala express train when a mother of a child jumped from the bogie of S2 at the suburb of Patherkandi station when her husband was away. It is to be mention here that Mangala Debnath and Lakhan Debnath was coming from Dimapur in Dibrugarh-Agartala express train with their child. However, when the train had reached Patherkandi station, Lakhan came down from the train at the Patherkandi station to buy some eatables. However, by the time he again went inside the coach he saw his wife missing from the coach. After searching for a while, he discovered from the other passengers that she has jumped from the train leaving behind her son. Hearing from the co passengers, Lakhan immediately pulled the chain but the train had stop few yard away from the spot. As the train did not stop at the spot Lakhan also jumped from the train.

However, amidst such chaos the child was left alone. However, later when the train had reached Dharmanagar station the co passengers have handed over the child to the RPF and GRPF authority and narrated the entire story. The co passengers also stated that Mangala Debnath tried to jump from the station at Lower Halflong area.

On the other it was discovered that both Mangala Debnath and Lakhan Debnath were safe and have returned at Dharmanagar station to receive their son. However, when they were asked about the incident they stated that as the child had passed his stool Mangala’s cloth she went near the bathroom to clean her cloth. Failing to balance herself she slipped from the door. Even though she said she had slipped from the train but confusion is still high among the people.

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