Sl No.Title / SubjectDepartmentUpload DateClossing DateDownload
1Tender for major renovation of 5 storied Building near Rabindra Satabarshiki Bhavan, Agartala, Tripura recently taken over by U.D. Department as per the Order's of hon'ble High Court of Tripura during the year 2019-20Urban Development19-10-201918-11-2019download
2Tender for engagement of design, supervision and management consultancy(DSMC) services for 2(two) numbers Ground Watre Treatment Plant at Ushabazar & Panchamukh under AMRUT scheme.Urban Development19-10-201918-11-2019download
3Tender for repairing of various flood damage road.PWD (Roads and Buildings)25-10-201908-12-2019download
4Memorandum regarding extension of Memo No. 160/PTN/2019-20. Dated 21st October, 2019.PWD (Roads and Buildings)25-10-201901-12-2019download
5Corrigendum of Memo No F.TC-I (P-I)EE/PWD/AMP/5510-82. Dated 22nd October, 2019.PWD (Roads and Buildings)25-10-201901-12-2019download
6Tender regarding construction of state data centre in Tripura under Naional Hydrology Project at water resources complex, Under PWD. Dated 19th October, 2019.PWD (Water Resources)26-10-201926-11-2019download
7Corrigendum regarding Memo No. F.7(11 A)TR/PMGSY/7293-7340. Dated 23rd October, 2019.PWD (Roads and Buildings)26-10-201929-11-2019download
8Tender regarding development and beautification of cremation ground at Amarpur. Gomati District under PWD. Dated 24th October, 2019.PWD (Roads and Buildings)30-10-201920-11-2019download
9PRESS NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER NO 15/EE/ PWD(R&B)/ AMB/ 2019-20PWD (Roads and Buildings)01-11-201927-11-2019download
10Corrigendum regarding momo no: F.1(14)/EE/WRID/TECH/2018/1459-1501. Dated 24th October, 2019.PWD (Water Resources)02-11-201919-11-2019download
11Tender regarding FDR and maintenance of various road under PWD. Dated 30th October, 2019.PWD (Roads and Buildings)02-11-201919-11-2019download
12Tender regarding supply of six tube well at different places Under PWD. Dated 29th October, 2019.PWD (Roads and Buildings)03-11-201920-11-2019download
13Tender regarding supply of Ten Tube Well at different places of Dhalai District under PWD. Dated 30th October, 2019.PWD (Roads and Buildings)03-11-201922-11-2019download
14Tender regarding up gradation of road at Chawmanu under PWD. Dated 30th October, 2019.PWD (Roads and Buildings)03-11-201919-11-2019download
15Tender regarding up gradation of roads at different place under PWD. Dated 30th October, 2019.PWD (Roads and Buildings)03-11-201919-11-2019download
16Tender regarding maintenance of various road and construction of District DR-T.B centre under PWD. Dated 30th October, 2019.PWD (Roads and Buildings)05-11-201925-11-2019download
17Tender regarding construction of public toilets, RCC drain and road under PWD. Dated 1st November, 2019. PWD (Roads and Buildings)05-11-201921-11-2019download
18Tender regarding replacement of Bailey bridge by RCC bridge over Halai Cherra on Kailashahar Golakpur. Dated 25th October, 2019.PWD (Roads and Buildings)05-11-201926-11-2019download
19Tender for replacement of various Bailey Bridge by RCC Bridge under Gandacherra-Amarpur road.PWD (Roads and Buildings)07-11-201910-12-2019download
20Tender regarding NRDWP Scheme under DWS Division Dharmanagar; providing and laying DI/PVC distribution pipeline including construction of sluice valve chamber, domestic connection etc. at 0.30 MGD SWTP, Dasda, under DWS sub-division Dasda.PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)08-11-201922-11-2019download
21Tender for various Maintenance and Protection of Road and Dak Banglow under WR Division, No-VI, Kailashahar.PWD (Roads and Buildings)08-11-201920-11-2019download
22Tender for construction of various C.C. road from Barkathal main road(PWD) to near Pintu Deb house of Ward No.6 under Mohanpur Municipal Council.PWD (Roads and Buildings)08-11-201925-11-2019download
23Tender for purchase of various computer peripherals / atricles for office work.General Administration (P & T)08-11-201920-11-2019download
24Tender for replacement of existing bridge by RCC bridge over Localcherra and Jarulcherra on the A.A Road.PWD (Roads and Buildings)09-11-201928-11-2019download
25Tender for MGNREGA Project/Protection of Kachimcherra village from erosion of Kachimcherra near the house of Subal Debbarma under Ambassa RD Block.PWD (Water Resources)12-11-201906-12-2019download
26PRESS NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER NO: 07/EE/LTV/PWD/M/2019-20PWD (Roads and Buildings)13-11-201920-11-2019download
27PRESS NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER NO: 08/EE/LTV/PWD/M/2019-20PWD (Roads and Buildings)13-11-201920-11-2019download
28Tender for Strengthening and widening road from Bye Pass (near Railway Station over Bridge) to 400 kv Sub-Station Surjyamaninagar via Kathaltali G.P Madhuban G.P at Dukli Industrial Block to Ranirkhamar, matteling and carpeting.PWD (Roads and Buildings)13-11-201907-12-2019download
29Tender for maintenance of various location of road with matalling, carpetting & patching. PWD (Roads and Buildings)14-11-201922-11-2019download
30Tender for operation and maintenance of Water Treatment Plant in Tripura / Procurement of ISI marked Alumino Ferric with latest amendment for 01 (one) year.PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)14-11-201909-12-2019download
31Tender for Providing, Installation and commissioning of Air Conditioning Machines for the Drawing room, C.M. Residential Office rooms & Server Room of security system of newly constructed Chief Minister's Bungalow at Minister's Quarter Lane,PWD (Roads and Buildings)15-11-201902-12-2019download
32Tender for replacement of Bailey Bridge by RCC bridge over local cherra on Jatanbari to Lambacherra road.PWD (Roads and Buildings)15-11-201911-12-2019download