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About Us

Established in the year 2011 www.tripurachronicle.in attempts to cover "Reality Delivered Daily." The vision of the founders was driven by the demand for independent quality news and images service from this very little known region and originally designed for the needs of the fast growing media market. 

For us at www.tripurachronicle.in news is something which should not be altered with for any commercial gains or vested interests.

Apart from covering the hard core news, we have many more attractions on the site; there is extensive information on business, sports, education, entertainment etc. 

The website endorses and encourages ideals of grassroots coverage, media advocacy and citizen journalism. News values have been redefined and structured to cover the developmental issues in the socio-political domain at large, where the need of development is most important and an immediate concern. 

Powered by a group of committed professionals, the organization seeks an overall emancipation and fosters equality: social, political and economic, based on the concept of a welfare state. The policies have been framed following a socialist pattern and order. However, the real strength of www.tripurachronicle.in lies with its laudable audience, which communicates and interacts to make up its rich and diverse content. 

If you want to get in touch with us to tell us something, which is very essential and has been ignored do write straight to our Editor at [email protected]