An Interview with General Secretary of Purvodaya NGO– Niti Deb

Tanmoy Chakraborty had a chit chat with the General Secretary of Purvodaya NGO– Niti Deb who indulges her-self for the welfare of the society to help the poor section of people.

Q: Being a Punjabi how tough this was for you to settle here in Tripura?

A : Well it was very easy for me. People say that I came here soon after the BJP government formed but this is not true, my relationship with Tripura is very old. After my marriage I wanted to come here in Tripura to explore it, I wanted to learn the culture, tradition of the state but my husband Mr. Biplab Kumar Deb didn’t want to come here due to the bad politics, no work culture, nothing was here at that time. But somehow I managed and we came here and fall in love with Tripura. I am a Punjabi and never visited the North East state ever. My Mother-in law has taught me so much about the culture of Tripura, about the tradition and everything of Tripura so it was not that much tough for me. I do celebrate Lodhi and also enjoy Laxmi Puja and other festivals of Tripura.

Q: You came in Tripura on 2001 and now it is 2020, do you feel thing have changed?

A: Yes! Everything has changed. When I came here in 2001 there was no development. I could not see the word ‘development’. The problem was that during those days people used to judge you by political colour. Even when I was transferred to Udaipur which is my in-laws place people frequently used to ask me Madam from which party you are or which party do you support. It was totally different for me. Being from Delhi or Punjab I have never faced such situation ever. But now I can say everything has changed. The state has started developing. 

Q : Why did you go into social work? Perhaps, you could choose politics easily for social works 

A : Well I don’t want to go in politics. And anyone can contribute him-self into social work.

Why I choose social work because I want to help relieve people's suffering, and I want to improve lives and communities. The primary mission of the social work profession is to enhance human well-being and help meet basic and complex needs of all people, with a particular focus on those who are vulnerable, oppressed, and living in poverty.

Q: Recently you have withdrew your security, you so?

A: Money being spent on my protection at this time of pandemic it should be spent for the people of the state. I am grateful to everyone for the affection I have received from the little ones. This is why I urge the administration to remove the security system given to me. When you have security then so many barriers will come between you and your people. As social workers I want to work with people, I want to stay with them. 

Q: What is the main motto of your NGO Purvaudaya?

A : Our main motto is to help poor peoples, homeless people and education for all poor children is our one of our motto. We work for self employment, woman empowerment. As far as motto is concerned, we try to mitigate problems of people.

Q: What is your plan to extend the services of Purvaudaya among the common people?

A: Recently we have open few outlets of our NGOs where people can donate their cloths, foods and other items and the homeless, poor people can collect it whenever they need it. Currently we have 4 outlets in Agartala. We have received many requests from many people to open such outlets in Udaipur, Khowai, Ambassa and in many places we are planning to open such outlets in each and every districts of the state.

Our NGOs also taken an imitative to work for the women empowerment, work for the tribal people of the state and we have also given focuses on skill training.


Interview complied by Tanmoy Chakraborty.

Pic Credit : Subrata Debnath