On 31st December, 2019 a disease outbreak in the city of Wuhan, China was reported to World Health Organization (WHO). The scary pictures went viral on social media. Many countries including ours hardly could dream that the Chinese virus in next few months will rampage the whole world. The new entity of coronavirus was named by the scientist novel coronavirus and in short nCov. This notorious virus was much stronger, more infectious and extra deadly than its predecessors and designated as SARS-Cov-2.

In the beginning of 2020 countries of the European Union and USA phased a threat in high magnitude. Doctors reported a surge in respiratory complains in a large section of population and many of them required hospitalization due to shortness of breath. The number of infected people reached many thousands to lakhs day in, day out. Soon, the pandemic dragged the human life into misery. The hospital beds were full, healthcare workers were exhausted and the death toll was high was in rise. The developed countries equipped with advanced healthcare facilities were brought to their knees.

The metropolitan cities encountered the Covid cases due to emigrants. Then the cases of Covid were reported from other parts of India. The government ordered a nationwide lockdown on 24th March, 2020. The decree was imposed by the government on free movement of people except emergencies. Educational institutes, entertainment segments, aviation sectors, hospitality industries, etc were closed abruptly to reduce the chance of human to human transmission. We learnt that Covid spreads via droplets and in some cases through the air. We humans were confined to our houses although for good reason. People were concerned, scared and confused in first 21 days of lockdown. Children, patients and labourerssuffered the most.  Education  of the children suffered, patients couldn’t get medicine and labourers didn’t get earnings and had to wait till the lockdown to finish. The media are serving news on Covid infection related deaths. Then the lockdown was extended for many months. After that life with different directions began. People started using online sites to consult their favourite doctors, medicines, food and life’s other useful commodities were being delivered to people’s houses and many NGO self-help teams came forward to help the government in spreading awareness about the disease. But many people started disobeying the rules, people lost their jobs, people became worried and there wasn’tenough supplies of livelihood in remote places.

Corona also brought some positive effects on nature. Rivers and other water bodies are much cleaner, global warming has slowed down , animals that lived in deep sea have moved to the shore, animals are seen walking on the roads and the sky loos crystal clear.

The whole world to combat Covid-19 employed various means. The experts recommend sanitizing hands properly, wearing mask and keeping at least 6 feet distance between two persons. Various reputed pharmaceutical companies expedite the search of vaccine. By the end of 2020 vaccination started in different places around the world including ours. In the first phase the older people and the health care workers received vaccines. Stepwise other people also brought under the vaccination program. The vaccination made in India was safe and effective. India also supplies vaccines to many countries of the world, mainly poor and underdeveloped countries. The life returned back to normal 

although with furistic restrictions. Since last 1 to 2 months the case of Covid began to rise again. But this time we are prepared and determined to defeat Covid-19.

The Covid pandemic was not less than a curse. The eclipse is about to go. We learnt lessons for example to mess with nature yield results which are quite devastating. And, we can live without fast food, can maintain higher level of hygiene and leading healthy practice to keep ourselves fit. The doctors, nurse, ambulance, drivers and other health care workers, police, administrator, cleaning staff etc are real life heroes. The vaccines were developed to protect ourselves within a short span of less than one year. “It might be stormy now, but rain does not last forever”.



Class iv , Holycross Higher Secondary School

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