Groupism will destroy a party's strength says newly elected President of Tripura Pradesh Youth Congress Pujan Biswas

Tanmoy Chakraborty

Agartala: ‘You have to remove the word Groupism to develop any party’ says newly elected president of Tripura Pradesh Youth Congress Pujan Biswas.

During a chit chat Pujan Biswas told Tripura Chronicle that he doesn’t have any plan to join in the politics because since childhood he was a good student and want to become a Lawyer.

How’s your early life?

I was a student of Sishubihar School in Agartala where I studied up to 10th and later moved to Chennai for my further studies.

“I was always a good student but due to some mislead my marks suddenly started decreasing so after 10th I have decided to do my 11th and 12th from Chennai and from that time my life takes a U-turn. I have given an entrance in medical even I selected but later I have chosen Law as my career and took admission in Model Law College of Pune”, Biswas said.

I was proudly following my father’s footstep but I can say I had worked hard to achieve the position I am holding.

“Since childhood I was very close to politics, as because my father is a well-known Congress leader who is also a vice president of the party and a well known advocate and he has achieved all his name and fame from his law background and he has received so much of honour and respect from the party. And since childhood I had an eagerness to work for the people so I have decided to follow my Father’s footstep and jumped into politics”, he said.

What Kind of Problems you had face in politics?

I had to face a lot of difficulties and ups and downs during my journey in the politics.

But I was eagerly waiting for a chance to work for the people directly and for this politics was the one and only option. But my first problem was my family, because they didn’t want me to join in active politics because parents are always carrying about their child to keep us safe as because Politics is like a war field.

Earlier in 2013 I have started my political career as a worker and supporter of youth Congress and started working hard with all the Congress leaders in the state.

When I first entered in the Congress Bhawan I have promised myself that I will never enter in the politics of Groupism. But it is unfortunate that ‘Groupism is everywhere’.  

Congress has always had a victim of Groupism. I always keep a distance from it. I have seen many workers and leader to become a victim of Groupism.

How you can destroy Groupism from the Youth Congress?

My first duty as a President of Youth Congress would be to remove the ‘Groupism’ from the party.

I believe if I can destroy this ‘groupism’ there will be a ray of shine at the party.

For the last few years the youth congress has failed to develop the party supporters and workers in the grassroots level the way it has to be and this is only for the Groupsim. It is one of the negative parts of the party.

Since last four years, many good leaders and workers left the party and the Block, Booth, district-level youth congress strength was also very low. Now I started working for the people and traveling in different parts of the state to solve the issues of the people. Now I will try to generate more power to the youths and it would be my first priority. If you can strengthen the grassroots level then your party will be stronger more and you can destroy the Groupsim.

Do you think Youths will attract to Youth Congress and will join the party?  

Yes absolutely I feel that the Youth of the state are now coming forward to our party to work for the people. After the BJP government formed they had made several promises for the youths but so far nothing has been done yet and said that the youths are now talking and walking against the ruling party.

If you visit the rural hamlets then you will get to know how the youths are suffering from lack of work. Now the energetic youths are coming forward to work for the party and to work for society. The youths are not very much disturbed due to the ruling Party. I hope the Youth Congress can solve the issues which they were facing after the new government formed.  

 What would be your message for the Youths of the state?

The Youths should come up against the drugs and should work for the society and for the people. The BJP government has said they zero-tolerance against the drug but recently one Police officer martyred when he tried to prevent the drug smugglers. I urge all the youths to work for the society, for the people and for the state.