The Concept of Ram Rajya

Dy CM Jishnu Dev Varma

Justice for all exclusion of none is  fundamental to the concept of Ram Rajya.

Justice for all implies that there should be appeasement of none. Appeasement is a form of  injustice that is meted out to those to whom it is given because it hinders and stunts the growth of their society and ultimately turning them into vote banks. Appeasement  based  on religion is also injustice to others because it violates the concept of equality and equal opportunity. 

When the policy of appeasement is based on religion does it not amount to religious communalism? It is amusing to see the finger pointing that goes on. It is apparently clear now, who these pseudo secularists are and what their motive is. No one takes them seriously any more. From Left they have made themselves left outs in politics and completely out of place as far as aspirational India is concerned. It is also interesting to  find the other so called secular parties and their leaders now joining meekly in  chorus “ Jai Siya Ram” . This is however, due to their survival instinct rather than  late realisation of the truth.

There is an anecdote, someone from Kolkata once told me, ‘ it was on Valentine’s Day, that a young couple were sitting in an overcrowded park. The young exasperated girl asked her boyfriend , “can’t we go to a lonely place, with no one around to disturb us? The boy thought for quite some time and replied,  “ Do you mean  CPI(M) state office on Alimuddin Street? That is the only place that fits your description, in this busy city .” This is just a pointer to the reality, of how the so called left has made themselves irrelevant in their own bastion. They have alienated themselves from the young citizens, who are questioning facts earlier fed to them. They   are assertive now  and not willing to digest anything at face value any more.

Coming to the point , Ram Rajya is an Indian concept based on its cultural values. Sri Ram is an embodiment of those values, thus worshipped not only in India but across boundaries. The Indian aspiration must be rooted in the Indian soil. To try and plant it elsewhere on Chinese, Russian, French, Cuban Revolution or any other; only indicates ideological bankruptcy. 

Being the oldest living civilisation and yet unwilling to find a aspirational model for this Nation from our own cultural wisdom says a lot about those, who pretend to be a part of a international movement. They perhaps know but fail to accept that the concept of a global family first emerged from India. India loudly proclaimed centuries ago, “ Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” -the world is one family.  

The west treats the world simply as a market place. The best example is the East India Company, that came to trade but stayed on to kill the indigenous industry of this country. Took our raw materials and promoted their industry at our cost. 


We have sent people like Swami Vivekananda to the west,not to conquer land or promote trade but to promote brotherhood. India always knew - what affects the world will also affect us. In these difficult times of a pandemic it has shown up as an ultimate truth. The same corona virus travels swiftly from one nation to the other affecting all.

No country, no matter how powerful or rich, can manage to stay quarantined or insulated. There are many such challenges that will require humanity to act as one. This is the Indian worldview that has been bequeathed to us by wise men and women of India down the ages. 

Ram Rajya is the collective wisdom put to practise by the perfect ruler Sri Ram. In reply to  his younger brother Laxman‘ s query “ why don’t we shift our capital here to Swarna Lanka, it is covered with gold?”  Sri Ram says, “ This golden Lanka does not fascinate me. (Janani Janmabhoomi  swargadapi  gariyoshi) -My motherland is more glorious than heaven.” This is nationalism, in  its widest and broadest  meaning. 

This clearly indicates that the terrible war that was fought was not to fulfil an expansionist dream, nor was it  to loot and fill coffers or to exploit the conquered land. Sri Ram installs Bibhishan, Ranvana’s  younger brother as ruler of Lanka and returns to his Ayodhya.

 The war of Ramayana, was then to establish Dharma - an Indian word that has no synonym or an  equivalent word elsewhere.  Dharma is all those attributes  that take humanity forward with equality and in harmony. Sri Ram is an embodiment of Dharma. Ram Rajya is the  ideal of  Aspirational India. India that moves forward and reasserts herself in the parliament of nations, as a leader of humanity. The Ram Mandir at Ayodhya will stand as a reassertion and reaffirmation of our National Aspiration.