TIPRA, IPFT playing with emotions of indigenous says Tripura Congress Chief

Tanmoy Chakraborty

Accusing the then Left Front government of Tripura for not carried out any developmental works for the indigenous peoples; the Pradesh Congress Committee President Pijush Kanti Biswas has stated that his party will fulfill the promises which were made for the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council (TTAADC) Poll if they come into power.

 “In Tripura district council the left front was in power for a long period. But they never worked properly for them and used the indigenous for vote bank politics. The leaders of CPIM looted the money which supposed to be used for the development of the ADC areas. People in the hills will not accept CPIM in the upcoming district council poll which will be held on April 06”, Pijush said.

What type of candidates Congress filed for the poll?

In 28 seats of ADC the Congress has given young and educated candidates in all the seats as we believe that young and educated people should come forward in politics and they will work for the real development of the council.

What is your take on Tipraland?

The BJP and IPFT both have made many promises before coming into power in 2018. But not a single one was fulfilled. The IPFT had promised for TIPRALAND- a separate state for the indigenous of Tripura. But in the state assembly have you ever seen to raise the demand? No. They didn’t raise the issue for a single day. There is no water, no work, there is no health infrastructure, and have you seen the IPFT president who is also Revenue Minister NC Debbarma to raise the issues in assembly? They are just making fool the people of the state. This demand is illogical.

Do you think TIPRA will be game-changers in state politics?

I don’t think so. Where is the demand of Tipraland? Was it fulfilled? I feel that the royal scion of Tripura Pradyot Kishore Manikya Debbarma is playing with the ‘emotions and ‘sentiments’ of the indigenous people by demanding a ‘Greater Tipraland’. Now people have realized that Tipraland is a fake promise given by IPFT which playing politics with the emotions same as TIPRA of Pradyot.

Pradyot Kishore said he will never join politics after resigning from Congress. But now again he came and demanded Greater Tipraland and he himself is aware that the demand is illogical. Now the tribals are fighting with each other. He is playing with the emotions and it will not continue for a long time. I have observed for few days that people in hills have realized that Tipraland and Greater Tipraland both demands are fake.

Why Pradyot is not raising the issue of CAA, the misrule of BJP led state government and said that this attitude of the royal scion is confusing people.

He will not talk with CAA as BJP will be disturbed but when he was in Congress he raised his voice to scrap the CAA. He cannot play politics with their sentiments it will not work. Tipraland is not yet fulfilled and now he is demanding for Greater Tipraland which is totally unrealistic.

Is your party still against the CAA?

Our party was against the CAA and still the demand is the same.

What is the thirst sectors where Tripura Pradesh Congress focuses on the district council poll?

The Congress in Tripura has focused on the education, water issues, road connectivity, generate of employment in the district council of the state.

The people of district council areas faced many troubles due to the then government and we promised them to solve all the issues and the Congress only can do it. If you don’t focus on their daily needs and on essential needs then how will they survive?