Tripura to witness its first ever grand photo festival ‘Amiya Prabha Choudhury Photography Exhibition’

By Our correspondent

Dr. Swapan Choudhury who is a NRI and serving in USA has started a photography exhibition in Tripura just to encourage the young and passionate Photographer of Tripura.

Choudhury who is a NRI has born and brought up in Tripura but living in USA and started arranging Photography exhibition named after his mother ‘‘Amiya Prabha Choudhury Photography Exhibition’.

Dr. Swapan Choudhury who is a doctor serving in USA is told that one day about 5 years ago 2014 he was driving back from work, suddenly a idea of Photography exhibition came into his mind.

“I drive around 200 KM every day to go to work. I am a very passionate photographer. So I thought in Tripura there is no platform in Photography and one times there was no one to organise it in the state. So I thought maybe I should start a photography competition to encourage the young photographer of the state, instead of doing drugs and alcohol and they can use their energy in something creative”, he said.

He also said that physically he lives in USA but mentally he lives in Tripura.

“I really Love India. I am so much attached to it. I am so engaged to it with mentally, I am very deeply rooted to India. That is why I work hard for such things. I do hard work and whenever there is vacation I do come here once in a year, sometime I come in Tripura twice. I love India and Tripura. I was 10 year old when my brother old when he gave me my first camera which was a gift when I stood first in the Fourth standard. Still I do have the camera. That is how it’s all started”, he added.

He said that his mother was a very supportive over his photography so I thought why not I name it on my mother to start a photography competition. This is how Swapan Choudhury have started the photography exhibition in the state.

“Initially I have started it in a very small but people said that nobody would come and going to participate but we received good responses from the people and I didn’t have that much of money to advertise about it. And it now started growing up and this year the total price money is over Rs. 3 Lakhs and we got around 3 thousands submissions of pictures came from different people. There are categories for women photographer, school children photographer. Now I believe everyone is well aware if this competition named on my mother ‘Amiya Prabha Choudhury Photography Exhibition’”, he told this correspondent.

He also claimed that this is the first grand photography festival in the North East and whoever wins the grants will win Rs. 1 Lakhs. This year Raghu Rai and Megh Roy Choudhury would be here in the exhibition.

He also hoping to arrange photography workshop for the young minds in the state.