YOUTUBER/Cool, let’s become a You Tuber

Shahrear Sarker

Things have change, as the world has developed in many ways; Especially in the department of science and technology. From the start of ancient world, people had tried to communicate with each other, to share their thoughts and emotions. They had used sign language and to transmit thoughts pictures been drowned on the mountain/cave wall. Surely after this era, writings on animal skin, tree leaf came into motion also. Then Came the ruling of hand written and printed books/papers. From the year of 1960 AD computer came into its visible from, but its use was very much limited in scientific research and some restricted fields. As years past, we started to see and use desktop computers, then laptop. Now, 4 th generation smart phones are available on the market. By the way R&D is going on to develop 5th generation phones. Those phones can handle 7 times more traffic than its previous generation device. Surely the Software and Apps has developed by computer scientists to go with hand to hand with device Hardwires. Networking has an impact on society. And through this social networking sites; people share thoughts speech, emotion in a real time way. The other forms are written, verbal and graphical way. The social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. For calls and messages WhatsApp and Viber is ruining. To share videos YouTube is a very good medium. Anyone can create a video then post, share on their YouTube channel. To do this, please open a Google account. Then with same account go to YouTube channel to develop and build it. Then shot a video and upload it. By the way there are rules and regulations present here, just like anywhere else. Most important one is Copyright law then violence, cruelty, viewer’s age. Everything has been said easily. I am not sure, is it that much easy. From my opinion, the main challenge will come when a video shooting will start. Cause it’s like a full fledge movie shooting. One should have the entire necessary device available for video shoot, plus know how to use them. Star point is copying some other persons work doesn’t Help All. In India sub-continent we have something called ‘guru param para’ where knowledge transfers from teacher(guru) to student(shishya) in a hand to hand way. So a potential You Tuber should try to watch and understand the work of renowned film makers and directors. My humble request should be for hrithik ghatak, satyajit roy, hrishikesh mukharjee, basu chatterjee, tapan sinha, tapan majumder, jahir raihan and many more. It’s good to practice the habit of reading local and foreign literature. If a person has certain hobby Like bird watching, mountain tracking, traveling; then she/he should focus on those topics and try to gain more profound knowledge on it. It happened to me that I know a You Tuber (traveller) who went to beautiful Tripura state and shared some excellent videos on it. It’s good to try his channel and his visit to Tripura.

Even I had took his permission that, he will guide or New you tubers in the right direction. So, dear readers waiting to see some new faces transformed into YouTuber in our net universe.