Sl No.Title / SubjectDepartmentUpload DateClossing DateDownload
1Tender for Construction of "TERTIARY WASTE com posting center" under Amarpur NP during the year 2020-21.PWD (Roads and Buildings)24-12-202021-01-2021download
4Tender regarding setting up of Tertiary waste processing center at Chandrapur colony under PWD. Dated 21st December, 2020PWD (Roads and Buildings)29-12-202021-01-2021download
5Tender regarding setting up of tertiary waste processing center under PWD. Dated 23rd December, 2020PWD (Roads and Buildings)29-12-202021-01-2021download
6Tender regarding 12/NIT/EE-KLP/PWD (DWS)/ 2020-21 under PWD. Dated 22nd December, 2020PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)29-12-202022-01-2021download
7PNIT NO: e-PT-XXX/EEIRDfABS/2020-21 DATED-01/0112021Rural Development04-01-202121-01-2021download
8Construction or RCC bridge ( Length=36m) over river TtJHkura Chen-a on Gandacherra Raishabari road at Ch.7.50km, sanctioned for implementation under NABARD PWD (Roads and Buildings)04-01-202124-01-2021download
9DNIT NO. E-42/SE/AGRI/EE(WEST) /2020-21Agriculture04-01-202121-01-2021download
10Corrigendum regarding press notice inviting e-tender No:- 13/NIT/EE/PWD/AMP/2020-21. Dated: 03-12-2020, circulated vide Memo NoF.TC-1 (P-1)/EE/PWD/AMP/ 6918-985, dated, 03-12-2020PWD (Roads and Buildings)04-01-202104-02-2021download
11Corrigendum regarding DNieT No:-121/DNieT/ EE/DWS/AGT-11/2020-21. Deadline of online bidding on Dt. 12.01.2021PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)04-01-202130-01-2021download
12Tender for Brick Soled Roads to be converted to all weather rood by paver blocks to the various location under for PWD(R&B), Mohanpur Division.PWD (Roads and Buildings)05-01-202127-01-2021download
13Tender for Strengthening of road from Gabordi to Kanchanmala (L=5.90 km) under Jampuijala Block during the year 2020-21.PWD (Roads and Buildings)06-01-202127-01-2021download
14Tender for JJM Scheme under South Tripura District I S.H:- Construction of Innovative Type Mini SWTP at Tir Kumar Para under Magroom V.C under Rupaichari Block in/c laying of pipe line, construction of hydrant & InstallationPWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)06-01-202122-01-2021download
15Corrigendum regarding DNIT No: 36/EE/SNM/PWD/2020-21 of Annual maintenance of dovt Office buildings under Kathalia Sub Division, PWD/(R&B) during the year 2020-20/ against PNIT No. 18/EE/SNM/PWD/2020-21 ,dt. 24-12-2020PWD (Roads and Buildings)06-01-202130-01-2021download
16Tender for Replacement of Bailey bridge by RCC Bridge on the road from Dasda Bazar to Adibasighat at ch. 1.2 Km over Deo river, sanction for implementation of under NABARDPWD (Roads and Buildings)07-01-202129-01-2021download
17Tender for Lease of Ol(one) no. Asphalt Drum Mix Plant of 30-40 TPH capacity along w1th 01 (one) no. Paverr Finisher, 01(onc) no, etc.PWD (Roads and Buildings)07-01-202127-01-2021download
18Tender for Mtc. of 7(Seven )Nos PWD road during 2020-21PWD (Roads and Buildings)07-01-202122-01-2021download
19Tender for Upgradation of Link road from Rajnagar - Subashnagar road to Kathbaishya Lake cum park raod via Kathbaishya village at Poangbari RD BlockPWD (Roads and Buildings)09-01-202104-02-2021download
20Tender for Improvement of road from Agartala Bishalgarh road (Dukli block office) to SIPARD via Chowrange School under Scheme for Special Ass1stance to States for Capital Expenditure in 2020-21PWD (Roads and Buildings)09-01-202125-01-2021download
21PNieT NO- 123/EE/PWD/DWS/AMB/2020-21 vide DNle-T No.303/EE/PWD(DWS)/AMB/2020-21PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)09-01-202125-01-2021download
22PNieT NO- 123/EE/PWD/DWS/AMB/2020-21 vide DNle-T No.301/EE/PWD(DWS)/AMB/2020-21PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)09-01-202125-01-2021download
23PRESS NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER N0.:-15/EE(Agri)/N/2020-21. vide 43/SE/ AGRI/EE(NORTH)/2020-21Agriculture10-01-202127-01-2021download
24Tender for FDR/ Mtc. Of the road from Mohanpur to Barkathal Road during the year of 2020-21PWD (Roads and Buildings)10-01-202125-01-2021download
25Tender for Ptalntenance of road from Faribarl to Amagasya via Brajadlnipur (l=1 .80 km) during the year 2020-21PWD (Roads and Buildings)10-01-202125-01-2021download
26PRESS NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER NO: 35/ EE/ DWS/ DMN/ 2020-21PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)10-01-202127-01-2021download
27PRESS NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER NO: 36/ EE/ DWS/ DMN/ 2020-21PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)10-01-202127-01-2021download
28Tender for PNIT NO: e-PT-:XXXII/EE/RD/ABS/2020-21 DATED-07/01/2021 Rural Development12-01-202127-01-2021download
29Tender for Brick soled Raods to be converted to all weather road by paver blocks/Road from Anandanagar Road No.lO(starting from Ashi Tilla)to Oria Para (Upto Kalyan Sangha)under the Scheme for Special Assistance lo Stales for Capita1 Expenditure in 2020-21PWD (Roads and Buildings)12-01-202104-02-2021download
30PRESS NOTICE INVITING c-TENDER NO: 19/EE/SNM/PWD/2020-21, Dt: 06/01/2021PWD (Roads and Buildings)12-01-202128-01-2021download
31Tender for Brick soled Roads to be converted to all weather road by paver blocks/Garobasti to Krishna Charan Para under scheme for special Assistance to states for capital expenditure in 2020-21PWD (Roads and Buildings)13-01-202102-02-2021download
32PNIe-T No. 26/EE/DWS/KD/2020-21 Dt. 06/01/2021PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)13-01-202106-02-2021download
33Tender for Up-gradation of road from Amzadnagar Bazar to Mujaffor nagar (L=2.60 KM) during the year 2020-21PWD (Roads and Buildings)13-01-202103-02-2021download
34Tender for Retrofitting of JJM Scheme at Dalak under Paschim Dalak GP, Thakcherra under Thakcherra GP, Malbasa-1 under Paschim Malbasa GP & Chellagangmukh under paschim Duluma VCPWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)13-01-202127-01-2021download
35PRESS NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER NO. 07/EE/LTV/PWD/M/2020-21 Dated. 07/01/2021.PWD (Roads and Buildings)14-01-202121-01-2021download
36Tender for Operation, Maintenance of Dredger and De-siltation of Rudrasagar lake, under PWD(WR), by using Department's amphibian multi functional dredger, Water Master Classic -IV dredger machinePWD (Water Resources)14-01-202110-02-2021download
37PRESS NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER NO. EE-IED/PWD/AGT/45/2020-21PWD (Roads and Buildings)14-01-202102-02-2021download
38Tender for Selection of Consulting Services for "IRRIGATION BENCHMARKING OF KHOWAI, GOMTI AND MANU MEDIUM IRRIGATION PROJECTS IN TRIPURA"PWD (Roads and Buildings)15-01-202111-02-2021download
39Tender for Improvement of road from Udaipur Killa Road to Maharani Burrage via Badarmokam Bridge, Pitra & Photamati under Scheme for Special Assistance to States for Capital Expenditure in 2020-21.PWD (Roads and Buildings)15-01-202101-02-2021download
40PRESS NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER NO: 16/EE/PWD (R&B)/KMP/DIV/2020-21PWD (Roads and Buildings)16-01-202108-02-2021download
41PRESS NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER N0:-17/NIT/EEIPWD/AMP/2020-21PWD (Roads and Buildings)16-01-202110-02-2021download
42PNIT NO (e-TENDER): e-PT-111/EE/RDSD/2020-21 DATED-11/01/2021Rural Development16-01-202101-02-2021download
43PRESS NleT. NO. 37/EE/DWS/DIVN/UDP/2020-21PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)16-01-202130-01-2021download
44PNieT No:- 128 /EE/PWD(DWS)/ AMB/ 2020-21PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)16-01-202129-01-2021download
45PNieT No:- 129/EE/PWD(DWS)/AMB/2020-21PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)16-01-202102-02-2021download
46Tender for onstruction of proposed OPD building for Dr. BRAM & TMC at Hapania, Agartala, TripuraPWD (Roads and Buildings)17-01-202111-02-2021download
47Tender for Brick soled Roads to be converted to all weather road by paver blocks/Khasiamangal to Sankhala Malsum para via Chinta Kr. Malsom para, South Gakulang:u ADC village.PWD (Roads and Buildings)17-01-202108-02-2021download
48Tender for Anti erosion work /Protection the Safrikandi - Katanala embankment in between 188 fencing gate No 63 and 59 under Lat1apura G.P during the year 2020-2021PWD (Water Resources)17-01-202127-02-2021download
49Tender for Construction of bnck soltng about 200 M from S.mtilal B1swas to Marur Ali house under Nadia pur Sarucherra GP ward No. 2 under Kalacherra RD Block during the year 2019-20 under BEUP.PWD (Roads and Buildings)17-01-202104-02-2021download
50Tender regarding development of Tripura Sundari Temple Under PRASAD Scheme. Dated 16th January, 2021Tripura Tourism Development Corporation Ltd19-01-202105-02-2021download
51Tender regarding construction of SCERT boundary wall & retaining wall under Rural Development Department. Dated 15th January, 2021Rural Development19-01-202104-02-2021download
52Tender regarding construction of 100 seated boys hostel under Rural Development Department. Dated 14th January, 2021Rural Development19-01-202105-02-2021download
53Tender regarding DNIT no.E-44/SE/AGRI/EE (West)/2020-21 under Agriculture Department. Dated 16th January, 2021.Agriculture19-01-202105-02-2021download
54Tender regarding 17/EE/PWD(R&B) KMP/DIV/2020-21 under PWD. Dated 13th January, 2021PWD (Roads and Buildings)19-01-202102-02-2021download
55Tender regarding improvement of drainage system and renovation and construction of Science Laboratory under Rural Development Department. Dated 16th January, 2021PWD (Roads and Buildings)19-01-202101-02-2021download
56Tender regarding improvement of road at various place under Public Works Department. Dated 15th January, 2021PWD (Roads and Buildings)20-01-202105-02-2021download
57Tender regarding supply of caterers under Youth Affairs & Sports Department. Dated 15th January, 2021Education (Youth Affairs and Sports)20-01-202101-04-2021download
58Tender regarding brick soled roads under Public Works Department. Dated 15th January, 2021PWD (Roads and Buildings)20-01-202115-02-2021download
59Tender regarding various DNIe-T No 152/EE/PWD (DWS)AMB/2020-21 under PWD. Dated 16th January, 2021.PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)20-01-202108-02-2021download
60Tender regarding construction of 100 seated capacity town hall at Mohanpur under Urban Development Department. Dated 18th January, 2021 Urban Development21-01-202108-02-2021download