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5reasons for ‘Maharani’ S2 to be on watchlist


Ever since the trailer of ‘Maharani’ season 2 launched, viewers have waited for the release with bated breath.

From getting in elements of a genre-bending political drama, and a gripping storyline to a picture-perfect act by the ensemble cast, the series shows you how Rani Bharti rules, conquers, fights, and does more to stay in power.

‘Maharani 2’ is an intriguing entertainer with much more than politics, making it a must-see series. Here are five reasons why you must watch this series.

1) Huma Qureshi’s game changing act:

Huma, who wowed the audience in season 1, reprises her role as Rani Bharti in Maharani 2. The actress portrays the female Chief Minister with a compelling intensity that evokes cleverness, intelligence, confidence, and more intense perfection throughout her on-screen presence. She makes a commitment to confront the thugs as her state runs into trouble. Does she succeed? Season 2 answers it all!

2) Political face-off between Soham Shah and Amit Sial: The show takes the thrill a notch higher with an extra dose of drama, action, and suspense. Soham as Bheema Bharti and Amit as Naveen Kumar pursue their individual goals in different ways while adding challenging twists and turns in each other’s way. But the question is, who takes over the throne? This rollercoaster political drama will leave you spellbound.

3) Anuja and Neha join season 2: In the sequel to Maharani, Anuja Sathe and Neha Chauhan join the cast. Neha is seen playing the role of Kalpana Kaul – a suave and ambitious woman running her own political consultancy firm called I-ACT. Anuja portrays Kirti Singh, who becomes Bheema Bharti’s (Sohum) confidante. The ladies are here to slay and spice up the political drama with their charm, wit, and more.

4) Woman in power: From the four walls of her domestic life, being a dutiful wife, raising kids, milking cows, and handling kitchen politics, Rani Bharti was hurled into the turbulent world of politics in season 1. Now season 2 continues to showcase her struggle to fit in and learn the tenacious ropes of establishing her matriarchy. Huma’s character Rani showcases the mindset of a male-dominated society especially when a woman is in power. Maharani talks about oppression that women face personally and professionally in society despite their strong spirit to turn things in their favour.

5) Rani and Bheema’s political battle: Season 2 brings a faceoff between husband and wife when politics take over their lives. The narrative that depicts Rani’s struggle to be a perfect CM in her state also showcases the problems, conflicts, and more between the on-screen couple. With a storyline as gripping as this, Maharani 2 promises to be a captivating watch with a well-structured screenplay.

The show is produced by Kangra Talkies and directed by Ravindra Gautam. Subhash Kapoor and Nandan Singh serve as showrunners and writers of the show.

It is streaming on SonyLIV.

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