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Four moments from Sonakshi Sinha starrer ‘Dahaad’ that stayed with us!


The Amazon original series ‘Dahaad’ has been receiving rave reviews and audience love since its release last week.

The buzz surrounding the title has transcended borders, with critics and audiences appreciating the series’ intense and gripping plot. The crime thriller features numerous scenes that grip viewers, eliciting profound emotions for the characters, irrespective of their moral complexities.

Here are some of the most remarkable moments from ‘Dahaad’. However, if you haven’t watched it yet, please note that there will be spoilers ahead.

Anjali confronts her mother on marriage:

Anjali’s (Sonakshi Sinha) mother embodies the strength of those women who have courageously faced societal challenges while raising their daughters alone. However, coming from a small town, she cannot be blamed when societal pressures start to weigh heavily on her. As a concerned and anxious mother, she becomes determined to find a suitable husband for Anjali. However, during a tense confrontation born out of a series of unsuccessful attempts, Anjali reveals something that sends a shiver down her mother’s spine. What precisely Anjali discloses remains a captivating mystery that viewers must discover by watching the show.

Devilal Singh, the feminist father:

Gulshan Devaiah delivers a remarkable performance, embodying the multifaceted role of a devoted police officer, a loyal husband, and a progressive father with finesse. One particular scene stands out, where he adamantly ensures that his daughter receives equal opportunities, just like his son, by insisting she goes on a school trip. Aware of the growing tension within his household, Devi Singh stands tall as a shield, unwavering in his stance. This scene is a masterpiece in itself, deserving applause.

Parghi opens up his vulnerable side:

‘Tumbbad’ fame Sohum Shah shines brilliantly as Inspector Parghi, a cop who transitions from being corrupt to virtuous. In the bleak world he inhabits, Parghi grapples with the overwhelming responsibility of bringing a new life into such a troubled environment. Consumed by fear, the quintessential male cop is horrified to the point of vomiting. A pivotal moment occurs when he finally confesses to his wife that he is not ready to embrace fatherhood, showcasing Shah’s exceptional acting range.

The different masks of Anand:

Lastly, saving the best for last, Vijay Varma captivates viewers with his portrayal of a slimy and deceptive character, akin to a camouflaging chameleon. As revealed by Varma himself in an interview, his character, Anand Swarnakar, switches personas to ensnare unsuspecting women. But the actual scene that sends chills down our spines is him reciting Prem Patra by poet Badri Narayan, at a point in the series where we know him at his unhinged best. Audiences have raved about the particular scene in the series, and how fitting yet disturbing it looks. As viewers, when we truly see the heights Anand Swarnakar can reach to feed his perversions, Vijay Varma soars as a performer.

Directed by Reema Kagti and Ruchika Oberoi, ‘Dahaad’ is produced by Excel Media & Entertainment and Tiger Baby with Ritesh Sidhwani, Farhan Akhtar, Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti as Executive Producers.

The series stars Sonakshi Sinha, Vijay Varma, Gulshan Devaiah, Sohum Shah in pivotal roles. The eight-episodic series is streaming on Prime Video.

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