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SlowCheeta & D’Evil’s new single ’90’s Ke Ladke’ out


Actor, hip-hop rapper and lyricist Chaitnya Sharma aka SlowCheeta is known for confessional bars laced with wit and sarcasm and also the entire gamut of human experiences.

He has now invested a piece of his heart and personal memories in a smashing new single ’90’s ke Ladke ft D’Evil.’ Set in Mumbai, the video captures a witty exchange between the two rappers. Set to a very raw, fun beat by Ink Heart, the video is a perfect blend of two inspired musical talents charting their own unique paths in the music industry.

SlowCheeta said, “As the title suggests, the track is about two boys from the 90’s who have very distinct personalities. As it turns out, D’Evil’s style and mine despite being different are a perfect blend! The video was hot, figuratively and literally as we shot it on a water tank in Mumbai summers. I was wearing a snow jacket and kind of melted but the heat worked because it brought up a lot of raw emotion and maybe even a slight passive aggression which really works for the video.”

Dhaval Parab aka D’Evil has grown to be one of the most well-respected and admired artists in Indian hip-hop and pop culture and his powerful work has been featured in films like ‘Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster 3’, ‘Toofan’ and ‘Gully Boy’.

About the current song he has co-written with SlowCheeta, he shared, “I met SlowCheeta on the sets of ‘Gully Boy.’ His was a face I had never seen before in the hip-hop scene; however, it didn’t seem like he was an outsider and we connected on many levels. More than his delivery in the battle scene, what shocked me the most was his lyrical skills as a battle rapper. He wrote the most hard-hitting bars but he is a very wise soul who inspires me a lot. He is a brother for life and this song mirrors our connection and how we are when we get together.”

SlowCheeta calls ’90’s ke Ladke’, a special track for many reasons. He added, “It’s an ode to the old school that makes up so much of who I am. And there could have been no one better than D’Evil to jump on this track. He’s the definition of OG! No one writes or raps like he does and no one comes close to his gangster swagger in bars and otherwise. He’s like a brother to me and I respect a lot more than just his craft. The song is a straight-up banger and D’Evil and I sound better than I could have imagined. Also, a big shout out to my brother Ink Heart for producing this smasher. He really went off on this one! This one is nothing like anything you’ve heard. 90’s ke Ladke dekho aa gaye hain beat pe!”

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