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Abangchara ADC village praises minister Noatia’s efforts on development initiatives


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, December 29: In a dedicated effort to fulfill his election promises, Minister Shuklacharan Noatia, representing the Jolaibari assembly constituency, has been actively steering comprehensive development initiatives throughout the region. The minister’s commitment to progress is evident in the ongoing programs unfolding in both the hilly and plain areas.

The Ahangcherra ADC Village, nestled within the Jolaibari assembly constituency, has become a focal point for Minister Noatia’s development endeavours. Despite the political landscape being dominated by the TIPRA Motha party in the ADC area, Minister Noatia remains steadfast in his commitment to enhancing the welfare of the people.

Previously held by the Left, the Jolaibari assembly seat witnessed minimal development efforts under the tenure of former Left MLA Jashbir Tripura. In stark contrast, Minister Shuklacharan Noatia, who secured victory in the 2023 assembly elections, has swiftly implemented a range of development programs within a few short months, earning gratitude from the local populace.

In a recent survey conducted in the Abangcherra ADC Village, residents expressed their appreciation for the minister’s initiatives. Noteworthy developments include the construction of a brick-paved road, provision of clean drinking water to households, and arrangements for government housing and allowances. Despite the palpable positive impact, the opposition remains persistent in attempting to impede these developmental works, resorting to tactics such as social media misinformation campaigns.

Addressing the challenges posed by the opposition’s efforts to undermine the government’s development initiatives, public representatives in the area assured that an action plan has been devised to counteract these hindrances. They emphasized that the forthcoming days would witness the seamless implementation of the planned projects aimed at elevating the living standards of the local population.

It is observed that the opposition, perturbed by the state government’s successful development programs, is resorting to misleading tactics to sow discord among the public. However, the residents of Abangcherra ADC Village, after an interaction with Minister Shuklacharan Noatia, expressed unwavering support and determination to counteract these attempts.

In response to the opposition’s machinations, the public echoed a collective sentiment, affirming their allegiance to Minister Shuklacharan Noatia and expressing confidence that he will continue to champion the cause of overall development in the Jolaibari assembly constituency.

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