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AGM of Agartala Press Club held


By TC News Desk

Agartala, April 28, 2024 :  The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Agartala Press Club convened today, marking a significant occasion for reflection, discussion, and tribute to the founding and departed members. The session commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the Mangal Pradeep at 11:30 am, symbolizing the auspicious beginning of the proceedings.

Under the leadership of Agartala Press Club President, Jayanta Bhattacharya, and Vice President Sajjad Ali, the meeting was attended by esteemed senior journalists including Srota Ranjan Khisa, Arun Nath, Sanjib Deb, Samir Pal, and Chitra Roy.

Agartala Press Club Secretary, Ramakanta Dey, delivered the club’s financial statements, detailing the income and expenditure accounts. A thorough discussion ensued with 16 senior and new journalists actively engaging with the reports. Senior journalist Srota Ranjan Khisa initiated the deliberations, fostering an environment of critical analysis and constructive feedback.

The session witnessed active participation from eminent journalists such as Chitra Roy, Shekhar Dutta, Samir Pal, Sanjib Deb, Samir Dhar, as well as prominent figures including Uttam Chakraborty, Suprabhat Debnath, Debashish Majumdar, Subhash Das, Sutpa Guha, Meghdhan Deb, Chandrima Sarkar, and Sameer Debbarma.

Associate Members Parijat Dutta and Harihar Debnath also contributed significantly to the discussions, providing resourceful insights.

In his response, the secretary assured the implementation of crucial suggestions put forth during the meeting, emphasizing the commitment to enhancing the club’s operations. President Jayanta Bhattacharya expressed gratitude to all members for their support and dedication in sustaining the club’s endeavors over the past year.

Furthermore, the AGM solemnly paid homage to the memory of late founding members Gautam Das, Paritosh Biswas, senior members Dulal Chakraborty, Partha Sengupta, Debashish Barua, young journalist Konad Modak, and associate members Kalyan Gupta and Sushant Debbarma. A poignant moment was observed as all present members stood in silence for two minutes, honoring the invaluable contributions of the departed souls.

The Annual General Meeting of the Agartala Press Club served as a platform for both reflection on the past and vision for the future, epitomizing the spirit of journalistic excellence and camaraderie within the fraternity.

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