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Auto-rickshaw drivers stage road blockade demanding urgent road repairs in Jampuijala


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, August 11, 2023: Takarjala-Jampuijala auto-rickshaw drivers staged a significant road blockade in the vicinity of Jampuijala market, situated within the Sepahijala district on Friday. In a powerful demonstration of their frustration, the auto drivers set ablaze tires along the Jampuijala road and united in protest against the deplorable road conditions.

Their main grievance revolves around the deteriorated state of the road spanning Takarjala, Jampuijala Pramodnagar, Hirapur, Doharam, Maharam, and Nayan Sardarpara. This concern has persisted for an extended period, causing considerable inconvenience to both drivers and commuters alike.

The auto workers emphasized the economic toll they face due to operating under these adverse road conditions, resulting in continual losses. Despite repeated pleas and requests for road repairs, their appeals have gone unanswered. This culmination of frustration led them to take the drastic step of orchestrating a road blockade as a means of highlighting their plight.

The primary demand of the auto drivers is the swift and comprehensive repair of the dilapidated road network. Their protest serves as a potent reminder of the pressing need for infrastructure improvement and the pivotal role it plays in the local economy and livelihoods.

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