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Birajit seeks special protection after receive life threat


BY TC News Desk

Agartala: August 16. Congress MLA Birajit Sinha on Wednesday wrote a letter to the Secretary of the Home Department and Director General of Police, seeking proper protection after the legislature allegedly received a life threat from the mafia.

In the letter to Tripura DGP and Home Secretary, MLA Sinha said as a people’s representative, I had to approach the appropriate authorities including the Executive Engineer of Kumarghat Division in Unakoti District against negotiation mafias, who are creating havoc and resorting to threats, violence, and coercion to monopolize all the tender works originating from the Office and towards such unlawful goal of monopolizing all tenders, the Mafia group is thwarting others from participating in tenders.

“Even when some interested persons, by hook or crook, managed to float tenders and by floating tenders, they got work orders, the Mafia group intervener and by creating pressure, compel the officials not to issue work order”, he said.

He said that he had approached all the concerned authorities and also the Tripura Chief Minister Dr Manik Saha, seeking intervention against Mafia Raj.

“As a result thereof I have earned the displeasure and annoyance of the Mafia group and the Mafia group which is negotiating and earning crores of money through illegal bills has targeted me”, alleged Sinha.

The MLA said that an audio recording has recently come which transpires, that, one Abdul Mannan of Kailashahar, who is a powerful Contractor, and who has established a monopoly by unlawful means, along with his associates are conspiring to kill the legislature.

“From the said audio recording, it further transpires, that, in 2003, they attempted to finish me but could not succeed. But presently, they are planning to remove me physically as I have been taken up the cudgel against the negotiation mafia group which is acting against the public interest. My life is threatened and I am feeling in secured”, the letter reads.

Birajit has also demanded a proper investigation to find out who is involved in the conspiracy so that preventive action can be taken against them.

“As my life is threatened, for this reason, I require special protection from your end, so that, the Mafia group does not become successful. As a responsibility to protect the life and Bertie of a citizen, more particularly, when an elected MLA is targeted by the Mafia group for his pro-people activities, the State has to step in to protect him. The State has the onus to take preventive measures to secure the necessary protection of a public representative and to ensure his safety so that he can move freely to discharge his duties and responsibilities of a public representative. The necessary case may be registered against the Mafia group who conspiring to kill me and I may be given proper protection to ensure my safety and security so that I can move freely to discharge the responsibilities of a people’s representative”, the letter reads.

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