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CM Dr Manik Saha unveils of Kazi Nazrul Islam statue at Renters Colony highlights lasting relevance of rebel poet


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 25th May 2024:  Chief Minister Prof Dr Manik Saha on Saturday unveiled a full-length statue of the revered rebel poet Kazi Nazrul Islam at Renters Colony. Speaking at the event organized by the Bharat-Bangla Maitri Sansad, the Chief Minister emphasized the enduring significance of Nazrul’s thoughts and contributions to society.

“Kazi Nazrul Islam’s thoughts are as relevant today as they were in his time,” declared Chief Minister Saha. “He has accomplished much for the welfare of society, and his victory song of morality needs to be shared with the present generation.” He noted that Nazrul’s spirit of rebellion, evident in his songs, poems, and articles, continues to inspire and resonate.

The Chief Minister praised Nazrul’s ability to evoke divine feelings through his ghazals, despite the poet’s own struggles with poverty. “Even though he lived in poverty, he fought for the poor. His life and literature should be presented more to the new generation to ensure he receives the true respect he deserves,” Saha added.

The event was attended by several notable figures, including Tourism Minister Sushanta Chowdhury, Agartala Municipal Corporation’s Mayor Dipak Majumdar, and Advocate General Siddhartha Shankar Dey. Each echoed the Chief Minister’s sentiments, underscoring the importance of keeping Nazrul’s legacy alive for future generations.

Mayor Majumdar reflected on the poet’s impactful work, stating, “Nazrul’s contributions are not just historical; they are a beacon for social justice and artistic expression.” Advocate General Dey highlighted the legal and cultural significance of Nazrul’s writings, calling them “a crucial part of our heritage that must be preserved and celebrated.”

As the statue was unveiled, the attendees were reminded of Nazrul’s powerful legacy of rebellion, compassion, and artistic brilliance, leaving a lasting impression on the community gathered at Renters Colony.

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