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Construction company faces backlash for occupying school ground, students hold stir


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 27th November 2023:  In a dramatic turn of events, students of Poangbari JB School, along with concerned parents, staged a road blockade today afternoon, bringing attention to an ongoing dispute with a construction company working on the road from Nalchar Poangbari JB School area to Melaghar Bazar main road.

The demonstration unfolded as residents voiced grievances against the construction authorities, accusing them of unlawfully seizing the school playground and disregarding local concerns. The situation escalated when the construction company allegedly continued its work during the night, despite demands from residents to cease nighttime construction activities.

Local residents contend that the renovation project has encroached upon the cherished playground of Pangbari JB School, forcing students to abandon the space. Frustrated by the lack of response from the construction company to their pleas, the students, and parents, in collaboration with residents, took to the streets, blocking the road in protest.

Upon receiving news of the blockade, Police from Melaghar Police Station swiftly mobilized to the scene, surrounding the construction company officials to defuse tensions and address the grievances of the protestors.

Residents have been vocal in their demand for the construction company to halt work during the night, citing disturbances to the local community. Despite these appeals, the company reportedly not only ignored the requests but intensified its nocturnal operations, exacerbating the concerns of the residents.

The standoff between the protestors and construction company officials is ongoing, with police acting as intermediaries in an attempt to facilitate dialogue and resolve the escalating tensions. The incident has drawn attention to the challenges faced by local communities in the face of rapid development and the importance of addressing grievances through open communication and community engagement.

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