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Controversy erupts as male police clash with woman during drug dealer arrest in Agartala


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, August 26, 2023: The state of Tripura faces a dual challenge as it grapples with the scourge of drug addiction on one hand and a disturbing rise in violence against women on the other. In a recent incident that has raised concerns among residents, allegations of police brutality against women have come to light in the smart city.

The incident unfolded adjacent to the Laxmi Narayan temple in the state capital, where local residents reported witnessing male police officers allegedly mistreating a woman. The victim, identified as Gita Debnath, is a resident of the area neighboring Lakshminarayan Bari in the capital and is employed in the Public Works Department.

Gita Debnath’s residence had reportedly become a hotspot for anti-social activities, including drug trafficking. Initially, it attracted young college students who frequented her house. Disturbingly, the premises had become a safe haven for young women to consume illicit substances such as ganja and brown sugar.

Concerned neighbors had been monitoring the situation for some time. On the fateful Saturday afternoon, when three unidentified youths entered Gita Debnath’s house, local youths were alerted. Upon reaching her residence, they found the door locked and subsequently notified the police.

Responding swiftly, personnel from the East Agartala police station arrived at the scene. In their presence, the door to Gita Debnath’s house was opened, revealing three college students and a young woman inside the room. They were promptly apprehended, although the female suspect reportedly engaged in a confrontation with the police.

During a search of the premises, the police uncovered various intoxicants, including brown sugar cubes. A concerned local resident brought the entire incident to the attention of the media.

The East Agartala police station took all three youths, including the young woman, into custody. However, the use of force by male officers on the female suspect during the apprehension has sparked outrage among members of the public.

It is a natural course of action for female suspects to be taken to the police station and be subjected to due process, with the involvement of women police officers, in accordance with the country’s constitution. The alleged manhandling of the female suspect by male police officers has drawn sharp criticism from the community.

Simultaneously, Gita Debnath handed over the confiscated drug paraphernalia to the police station. This incident raises questions about the motivations of a government employee hosting a gathering involving narcotics at her residence.

It is evident that if government employees are found organizing drug-related activities at their homes, achieving the Chief Minister’s vision of making Tripura drug-free may remain a distant goal. The incident has ignited a debate on the role of law enforcement and the broader societal issues that persist in the state.

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