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Democracy under threat: Manik Sarkar warns of fundamental rights erosion


By TC News Desk

Agartala, 10th April 2024 :  CPIM politburo member Manik Sarkar sounded the alarm over the erosion of democracy and fundamental rights in the country. The rally, held in support of the India Alliance, witnessed passionate assertions against the BJP government’s alleged suppression of basic rights, such as food, clothing, shelter, and survival.

In an address at a rally in Udaipur’s Ramesh School hostel ground, Sarkar accused the BJP administration of adopting various strategies to undermine the democratic principles enshrined in the Constitution, warning of dire consequences if such trends persist. He decried what he described as “anarchy” prevailing in the nation, citing the BJP’s governance in certain states with marginal voter support.

“The current government is running in the state with such less number of votes that people have never seen,” Sarkar proclaimed, highlighting the precarious nature of governance in some regions. He pointed out that despite securing only 39 percent of the vote, the BJP-led administration in a particular state maintains power, with allegations of coercive practices in securing a portion of those votes.

Sarkar raised concerns about the electoral landscape, particularly in the state, where he claimed the BJP’s own vote share would amount to only 20 to 22 percent without the support of a regional party, Tipra. He alleged that Tipra’s involvement in the state’s assembly elections played a decisive role in securing BJP’s victory, despite apparent opposition between the two parties during the campaign.

“During the elections, BJP and Tipra were opposed to each other but inside they were united,” Sarkar asserted, shedding light on the intricate political alliances shaping electoral outcomes. The rally, marked by a strong presence of organized supporters, served as a platform to voice concerns over the integrity of democratic processes amid growing apprehensions about the concentration of power and erosion of fundamental rights.

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