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Elderly woman’s body lies unattended at Bishalgarh Hospital overnight


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 4th February 2024:   In a shocking incident that has raised questions about the efficiency of local authorities, an elderly woman named Kanak Prabha Pal, residing in Champamura area under Bishalgarh police station, faced a nightmarish ordeal after her sudden demise on Saturday.

The distressing chain of events unfolded when the family rushed Kanak Prabha Pal to the Bishalgarh hospital after she fell seriously ill. Doctors on duty declared her dead after a physical examination and recommended an autopsy. Subsequently, the family approached Bishalgarh Women Police Station seeking police intervention for the required autopsy.

To their dismay, the family found the police asleep when they arrived late on Saturday night. Despite waking them up and pleading for assistance, the police failed to respond promptly. The family, eager to comply with the authorities, returned to the hospital to await the police’s arrival. However, as the hours passed without any police presence, they ultimately decided to cremate the deceased woman’s body.

Compounding the tragedy, Kanak Prabha Pal’s body lay unattended on the hospital balcony throughout the night, guarded only by private security personnel. The hospital authorities, seemingly unaware of the situation, expected the body to be placed in the hospital morgue.

On Sunday morning, the family once again visited the hospital, only to find that the police from Vishalgarh Mahila Police Station had not shown up until 9 am. The lack of coordination between the police and hospital authorities has led to widespread outrage among health workers and the deceased woman’s family.

Questions are being raised about the standards of governance as citizens express their dismay over the apparent negligence by both the police and hospital authorities. The incident has brought attention to the need for a thorough review of the response mechanisms in place to handle such situations, leaving the public questioning whom to trust in times of crisis.

While the hospital staff and the police face criticism, the two private security guards displayed humanity by staying with the deceased woman’s body during the night. The incident has sparked a broader conversation about the responsibilities of authorities and the urgent need for better protocols to ensure a more efficient and compassionate response to such situations in the future.

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