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Family affected by government construction work in Agartala city


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, June 09, 2023: Non-compliance with construction regulations during the development of water tanks and lighthouses in the border round circle area has had adverse effects on a local family. The neighboring house has suffered significant damage as a result. Complaints have been lodged against the disregard for work guidelines, particularly regarding the construction of the water tank, which led to the breaking of the boundary of Rupa Dhanuk’s house. Subsequently, other houses and water faucets in the vicinity have also been affected.

Rupa Dhanuk reports that her house has incurred substantial damage due to the excavation work conducted beyond the designated area. Numerous trees within her property have been uprooted. She possesses all the necessary documents to substantiate her claim. Rupa Dhanuk is now demanding compensation for the harm caused to her house as a result of the construction work. She has been residing in the area for almost 45 years. Despite multiple notifications regarding the issues arising from the construction work, her pleas have gone unheeded. Rupa Dhanuk insists that officials from the relevant department visit the site to assess the situation.

The family currently comprises two members, one of whom is a person with disabilities (Divyangjan). The other member works outside the house. They have no parents to provide support. The construction work has been ongoing for three days, and attempts to engage in dialogue with the construction company have been met with resistance. Moreover, the company has advised Rupa Dhanuk to vacate her house. In light of these circumstances, she reiterates her demand for appropriate compensation.

The situation underscores the need for proper adherence to construction regulations and accountability for the damages incurred by affected families. Efforts should be made to address the concerns raised and ensure fair compensation for those impacted by the government construction activities.

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