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GB Bazar to Cancer Hospital declared as no parking zone: SP Traffic


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 15th November 2023:  In a bid to alleviate persistent traffic congestion in the GB market area, the Traffic Department initiated a targeted operation against illegal parking today. West District Traffic Police Superintendent Manik Das announced that the crackdown, spanning from GB Bazar to Cancer Hospital, will persist for a month.

SP Das emphasized that the designated no-parking zone, particularly in the GB market, has been consistently disregarded, leading to severe traffic jams.

“The primary objective of the month-long campaign is to restore order and free GB are from persistent traffic jams, ensuring smoother vehicular movement for both businesses and the general public. Traffic police personnel will maintain a constant presence in the area, enforcing the no-parking rule and swiftly addressing any violations to promote a safer and more organized traffic environment”, he said.

He noted that despite clear regulations, numerous vehicles were found in the restricted area, exacerbating the congestion problem.

During the operation, he observed that shopkeepers in GB market were among the violators, often parking their vehicles in front of their shops. In response, the traffic police have extended the prohibition to both shopkeepers and the general public. Violators have been promptly warned, with issuing a stern statement that legal action will be taken against anyone found violating the no-parking regulations in the specified area.

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