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Governor Indra Sena Reddy Nallu attends International Museum Day celebration


By TC News Desk

Agartala, 22nd May 2024 :  The State Tourism Department marked International Museum Day with fervor on Wednesday. Governor Indrasena Reddy Nallu graced the occasion as the chief guest. In a symbolic gesture, he inaugurated the event by lighting the ceremonial lamp. Officials from the Department of Transport were also present during the celebration.

Governor Nallu took the opportunity to explore the Tripura State Museum, immersing himself in the rich cultural heritage and artistic expressions of the state. The museum’s rooms showcased the diverse traditions and history that define Tripura.

Governor Indrasena Reddy Nannu extended warm wishes to the people of Tripura on the auspicious occasion of Buddha Purnima. Reflecting on Lord Buddha’s teachings, he emphasized the path of right speech (Samyak Vaka), right action (Samyak Karma), right livelihood (Samyak Ajiva), right mindfulness (Samyak Smriti), right view (Samyak Drishti), right effort (Samyak Endeavor), right resolve (Samyak Sankalpa), and right concentration (Samyak Samadhi). The Governor highlighted Buddha’s timeless message of peace, harmony, and non-violence, which remains relevant in today’s world, plagued by conflicts and violence.

Governor Nannu expressed his hope that this festival would bring joy, happiness, love, and brotherhood to the lives of the people of Tripura.

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