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Hotels in city under scrutiny for alleged anti-social activities


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, September 04, 2023:  Recent developments in and around Agartala have brought to light a concerning surge in anti-social activities occurring within newly established hotels. Young men and women are reportedly engaging in such activities within the confines of hotel rooms, prompting allegations of cooperation by certain hotel owners. The West Agartala police received evidence related to these activities during a routine check on Sunday night.

According to official reports, officers from the West Agartala police station conducted a standard inspection at Hotel Rangamati in Battala during the aforementioned Sunday night. During their visit, they discovered a man and a woman occupying a hotel room. Curiously, there was no record of their room booking in the hotel’s register.

Upon questioning, the man and woman both claimed to be unfamiliar with each other, despite sharing the same room. Inside the room, authorities found evidence of alcohol consumption, with empty bottles of wine arranged on a table. The woman was identified as a resident of Ramnagar area, while the man hailed from AD Nagar.

In light of the unregistered room booking and the suspicious circumstances, the police decided to take both individuals into custody for further investigation. A police spokesperson stated that the absence of the room’s booking record raised concerns, necessitating a thorough inquiry into the matter.

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