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Jamthum’s residents in Kamalpur stage road blockade over water and electricity crisis


By TC News Desk

Agartala, 15th May 2024:   The residents of Jamthum in Kamalpur sub-division have taken to the streets staging a blockade that has brought traffic to a grinding halt. The residents’ outcry is a desperate call for basic necessities- accessible drinking water, consistent electricity service, and road renovation.

A local resident on condition of anonymity expressed his frustration and said “We’ve been left in the dark, both literally and figuratively. Our wells have dried up, and without electricity, the water department’s pipelines are useless to us.” The sentiment echoes throughout the community, where the struggle for water and power has become a daily battle against the scorching heat.

The situation escalated this morning when the residents, feeling ignored despite numerous complaints to the authorities, decided to occupy the road. “It’s our last resort,” explained another resident. “We’ve informed the prosecution time and again, but our pleas fell on deaf ears. Now, we’re compelled to make our voices heard through this blockade.”

The dilapidated condition of the road from Durga Choumuhani to Kachucherra has only added to the community’s grievances. “Demanding road repairs has been a long-standing request from all of us here. Yet, no action has been taken,” shared a local shopkeeper, visibly distressed by the state of affairs.

As the blockade continues, officials from the Durga Chowmuhani block have arrived on the scene, accompanied by a police contingent. Despite their presence, the residents remain firm, vowing not to lift the blockade until tangible solutions are presented.

The blockade has not only symbolized the community’s plight but also highlighted the urgent need for infrastructural development and responsive governance in the area. As of the time of reporting, the standoff persists, with the residents of Jamthum standing united in their demand for immediate action.

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