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Late-night scandal in Kailashahar: Locals apprehend illicit couple


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, August 20: A dramatic incident unfolded last night in the Durgapur area of Ward No. 14 within the Kailasahar Municipal Council that left the local residents in shock on Saturday. Residents of the area reported that they had apprehended an illicit couple, found in a compromising state within a rented house.

The rented house in question is occupied by a woman, along with her husband and two sons. Suspicion arose when locals noticed an unfamiliar young man entering the woman’s residence late on Saturday night.

Responding to their suspicions, locals decided to investigate further. They entered the woman’s home and were startled to find the two individuals in a state of partial undress. Adding to the intrigue, the woman’s husband and two sons were conspicuously absent from their residence that same Saturday night.

The young man found in the woman’s house has been identified as Uttam Sarkar, a resident of the Chinibagan area in Kailashahar. Notably, Uttam is married and has sons and daughters of his own. Locals disclosed that Uttam had visited the woman’s house after leaving his wife and daughter at home.

In response to the discovery, the community detained Uttam and secured the woman by tying her to a pillar outside the house. They subsequently reported the incident to the Kailashahar police station. The police promptly arrived at the scene and ensured the safety of the woman before taking her to the police station for further inquiry.

When questioned about the nature of his relationship with the woman, Uttam Sarkar initially claimed it was a brother-in-law and sister-in-law relationship. However, the woman, in her statement, referred to the locals as her brothers and sisters, suggesting a complex and evolving situation.

The incident has sparked intense tension in the respective areas, prompting discussions about the changing dynamics of relationships and their potential impact on future generations within the community.

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