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Locals of Gandacherra protest over various issues including road, water, power


BY TC News Desk

 Gandacherra: October 19. Residents from 11 neighborhoods, including Bhagirath, Puran Dalpati, Hatimatha, and Karn Kishore, staged a road blockade in Gandacherra today morning. The impassioned demonstration aimed to draw attention to the long-standing issues afflicting their communities, which have seen a dearth of development for years.

The protesters cited the absence of proper roads, electricity, and potable water as their primary grievances. The lack of these basic amenities has not only hindered accessibility but has also jeopardized the residents’ overall quality of life.

Education and healthcare were identified as critical areas of concern. The protestors lamented the state of the local education system, emphasizing the urgent need for improvements. Additionally, the healthcare infrastructure was described as in shambles, leaving residents with limited access to essential medical services.

Residents highlighted that development efforts have ground to a halt, particularly in tribal areas, over the past two to three years. This stagnation has further exacerbated the challenges faced by these marginalized communities.

Promptly responding to the blockade, officials from various departments, including the Deputy Commissioner of Gandacherra subdivision, arrived on-site. Extensive discussions ensued, during which officials pledged to take immediate action to address the residents’ demands. Assurances from the officials led to the lifting of the roadblock, symbolizing a step towards positive change. However, the residents remain vigilant, eager to see tangible progress in the near future.

The road blockade, while effective in galvanizing attention towards the plight of these neighborhoods, led to traffic congestion on both the Gandacherra-Ambasa and Gandacherra-Amarpur roads. Many vehicles found themselves temporarily immobilized, a testament to the urgency of the situation.

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