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Locals of Khejur Bagan demand road repairs, threaten vote boycott


By TC News Desk

Agartala, 21st June 2024 :   Residents of the Chowdhury Complex area, located within the Khejur Bagan have taken to the streets to demand immediate road repairs. The road in question has been in a deteriorating state for several years, causing significant transportation issues for the community.

A local resident highlighted the severe impact of the road’s condition on daily life, stating, “The road in Chowdhury Complex has been in disrepair for years, making transportation extremely difficult. The accumulation of water on the road further exacerbates the situation, creating major problems for students trying to commute.”

The poor condition of the road is not only causing inconvenience but is also posing serious risks during medical emergencies. “Ambulances are unable to reach patients in need because of the road’s broken state. This is putting lives at risk, as critically ill patients struggle to get to hospitals in time,” the resident added.

Drivers in the area are also facing significant challenges due to the road’s condition. The damaged road is causing frequent vehicle breakdowns and accidents, leading to frustration and increased maintenance costs for vehicle owners.

Despite numerous verbal and written complaints to the Public Works Department, the residents claim their concerns have been ignored. “We’ve informed the administration several times, but nothing has been done,” another resident complained.

In a bid to draw attention to their plight and pressure the authorities into action, the local residents have now taken to the streets, demanding immediate road reforms. They have also threatened to boycott the upcoming elections if their demands are not met, emphasizing the urgency of the situation.

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