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Negligence of ARD department claims cow’s death at Dharmanagar


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, October 13, 2022: Despite several improvements in the treatment of human beings at Dharmanagar, headquarters of the North Tripura district, but the development in the treatment of animals has remain stagnated for years and it is all due to the negligence of officials and staff of the Veterinary hospital. These officials are trying to cure the animals through experiments without applying correct medicine to the animals.

Allegations have surfaced that many expensive cattle are dying in these experiments. The price of one Jersey or “Sindhi” cow is about Rs 1 lakh. The death of a cow not only makes its owner financially helpless, but also breaks down many cow owners mentally. They run after veterinarians at a loss as to how to cure sick animals. Although, the state government has taken big plans for animal resource development, but the service is completely disrupted due to the negligence of a few officials and staff.

Anukul Sharma and his son Achintya Sharma of Dharmanagar’s Shibbari area have a long-standing cow milk business. Many people have focused on this business taking the example of former teacher Anukul Sharma’s milk business as a model. But recently, the way one of their precious pregnant cows died after vaccination and two cows are sick and battling for death, they are claiming negligence on the part of the veterinary hospital authorities.

It is worthy to mention here that they have 11 cows at present. Vaccination called FMD is being given to their cows in August last. A cow was 6 to 7 months pregnant at the time of vaccination. In this condition, the cow becomes ill after vaccination. The condition of the cow started to deteriorate from the afternoon on the very day after it was given. The owner of the cow contacted Sandipan Sharma, a veterinarian. Sharma, however, is not a doctor working at the veterinary hospital. After various efforts were made to save this cow, finally the precious cow, pregnant for 6 to 7 months, fell into the trap of death.

Achintya contacted Dr Rahul Purkyastha, a Director of ARD department, as well as Dr Krishna Nag, a retired tear specialist. When the incident spread, a team led by Dr Tapan Roy, working at the hospital, came to Achintya’s house and started arrangements to quickly cure the two cows that were fighting against death. Achintya told the media that he felt there was some kind of irregularity in the vaccination which resulted in the death of their beloved cow. He also appealed to everyone to save the two cows that are sick.

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