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New Indian law will work as shield to protect public: MP Deb


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 8th Janaury 2024 :  Rajya Sabha MP Biplab Kumar Deb stated today that there is no need for people to panic about the new changes in India’s laws introduced by Union Home Minister Amit Shah, aimed at reforming the public justice system. Deb emphasized that Union Home Minister Amit Shah has undertaken significant changes in the Indian legal framework to replace the outdated British-era system and enhance public justice.

The amendments specifically address issues related to hit-and-run cases, organized crime, and mass laundering, introducing a more effective system for investigation and trial.He assured the public that there is no cause for alarm, as these modifications are intended to serve as a protective shield for citizens. The antiquated British-era laws have long impeded the progress of the Indian judiciary, and the recent changes aim to rectify these shortcomings.Deb informed the public that Union Home Minister Amit Shah initiated these alterations based on extensive consultations, including input from various states, eminent individuals, legal experts, and retired Supreme Court judges, in addition to the collective opinions of all Members of Parliament.

He highlighted examples of inadequacies in the previous legal system, such as cases where individuals were killed in hit-and-run incidents, but due to legal loopholes, the perpetrators went unpunished. Similarly, there were no provisions to prosecute organized crime effectively. Additionally, the outdated legal system did not address issues like mob lynching, leaving the public without proper avenues for justice. “In many instances, individuals were killed by being deliberately run over to settle personal disputes, but the cases were categorized as hit-and-run, allowing the criminals to escape punishment. Similarly, there were no suitable laws to address organized crime, making it easy for criminals to evade justice. The previous legal system, rooted in the British era, lacked the mechanisms to appropriately prosecute such crimes, leaving the public deprived of justice,” he explained.

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