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Notorious drug den dismantled by diligent police operation at Melaghar


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 27th May 2024:   In a commendable crackdown on illicit narcotics, the Melaghar Police Station spearheaded a successful raid on a clandestine drug den operated by Bidyut Lashkar, situated perilously close to the Melaghar jute market. The operation, which unfolded under the shroud of darkness, culminated in the apprehension of Lashkar alongside eight individuals caught in the act of substance abuse.

For an extended period, whispers of Lashkar’s illicit activities had permeated the town, with allegations of him peddling a variety of intoxicants from his residence. It became a notorious hub for addicts seeking their next fix, indulging in substances like vials, Yaba, and cannabis, available both wholesale and retail. The once serene atmosphere of Melaghar was marred by the constant influx of drug seekers to Melaghar, leading to a palpable decline in the community’s well-being.

Despite being on the police radar, Lashkar’s operations went unchallenged due to a dire lack of concrete evidence. However, the tides turned dramatically last night when police officials acting on a tip-off executed a raid that would see the end of Lashkar’s reign of ruin. Seizing 5 kg of dry cannabis and detaining the eight patrons in the midst of their narcotic indulgence, the police delivered a decisive blow to the drug trade in Melaghar.

The individuals apprehended during the raid have been identified as Bahar Mia, Jahangir Hossain, Omar Farooq, Sanjit Pal, Yasin Mia, Abdur Rahman, and Sanjit Das. Their capture marks a significant victory for the anti-narcotics division and has garnered widespread acclaim from the local populace.

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