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Onion prices soars to Rs 70 per Kg


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, October 30: Tripura residents are currently grappling with the unexpected spike in onion prices that mirrors the recent surge experienced in various states across the country. This sudden rise in onion costs within the state’s market has left consumers disconcerted, with prices escalating by Rs 20 per kilogram. The lack of a clear explanation for this rapid price hike has left the local populace searching for answers.

With ‘Sharadiya Utsav’ and ‘Kojagari’ Lakshmi Puja celebrations recently concluded and Kali Puja festivities on the horizon, the strain on the pockets of common people has grown. Festive seasons tend to entail increased expenses, and one significant contributor to this added financial burden has been the abrupt surge in onion prices.

Notably, this phenomenon is not unique to Tripura. Across various states of the country, onion prices have witnessed a parallel increase, affecting consumers nationwide. Local traders have reported that over the past week, onion prices have risen from Rs 50 to Rs 70 per kilogram in the market.

The precise cause behind this startling escalation remains a mystery, with traders themselves unable to offer a convincing explanation for the sudden and significant increase in onion prices. The general public remains concerned about the impact of this price hike on their daily lives and the overall cost of living. As they await Kali Puja, the question of whether onion prices will continue to rise or stabilize looms over their heads, leaving many hoping for a more affordable and stable onion market in the near future.

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