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Panchayat Pradhan accused of misappropriating funds meant for poor girl’s marriage


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 6th March 2024:  In a shocking turn of events, the Panchayat Pradhan of Ward No. 5 in Tel Kajla Village, Melaghar, Paritosh Majumdar, is under scrutiny for allegedly misusing funds meant for the marriage assistance of a poor girl in the area.

The complaint, filed by distressed father Samir Ghosh, claimed that Panchayat Pradhan Paritosh Das initially promised financial support for his daughter’s wedding. According to the allegations, Paritosh Das approached a local contractor requesting assistance for installing a water pump machine, intended to provide the necessary funds for the marriage.

Upon hearing about the financial aid, the contractor reportedly handed over Rs 10, 000 to Panchayat Pradhan Paritosh Das. However, when Samir Ghosh approached Paritosh Das for help just before his daughter’s wedding, he was allegedly denied the promised assistance. This led to mounting pressure from the community, demanding the release of funds for the girl’s marriage.

After the wedding took place, Samir Ghosh visited Panchayat pradhan to collect the remaining amount, but he was purportedly given only four thousand rupees. The remaining 6000 rupees were allegedly misused.

The actions of Panchayat Pradhan  have sparked widespread discontent, with locals questioning the leader’s commitment to aiding the impoverished residents of the region. Instead of standing beside the community during times of need, concerns have been raised about the Panchayat head’s alleged misuse of funds meant for a noble cause.

Poor Samir Ghosh, addressing the media today, demanded the immediate return of the remaining Rs 6,000 allocated for his daughter’s marriage assistance.

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