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Patient’s harrowing experience highlights woes at GB hospital; Alleged harassment pushing patients away


By TC News Desk

Agartala, November 07:  In a startling revelation, a disgruntled patient Babul Debnath from the Lichu Bagan area, vowed never to return to GB Hospital, even if his leg deteriorates. Debnath’s frustration came to light on Tuesday as he stood outside the hospital’s trauma center, recounting his ordeal after an unsuccessful visit to the hospital.

Debnath’s saga began when he arrived at GB Hospital early in the morning and patiently queued up to consult with a doctor. After a medical examination, the doctor prescribed an X-ray, which Debnath underwent, paying Rs 200 for the service. However, the X-ray showed no issues, and he was redirected to the Orthopaedics department.

Here, his ordeal took a more distressing turn as he was asked to obtain a seal signature. Following this, he was required to pay for a sonography, all while suffering from excruciating leg pain. To his dismay, the doctor failed to suggest visiting the dressing room to examine his feet.

In a desperate move, Debnath took his grievances to the media, shedding light on the subpar services provided by the state’s major referral hospital. His complaint resonated with the public, revealing the frustrations many patients face within the hospital’s walls.

Government officials have consistently urged doctors to provide prompt medical services to patients upon arrival. However, these calls seem to go unheard, as some doctors and healthcare workers allegedly subject patients to unnecessary delays and financial burdens.

Patients are left waiting for hours, their pockets are emptied, and the government treasury swells while essential services remain delayed. Common people, especially those with physical problems, are said to endure undue harassment. As a result, many are now apprehensive about seeking treatment at GB Hospital and opt for private facilities, leaving less fortunate individuals without care.

The hospital’s woes extend beyond long waiting times and financial burdens. Patients have reported the lack of essential supplies, such as dressing materials, electricity outages, and even instances of receiving expired blood. All these issues persist despite senior doctors ostensibly unaware or turning a blind eye.

In the meantime, senior doctors at the hospital continue to maintain private practices alongside junior doctors and healthcare workers, perpetuating these problems. Despite holding weekly press conferences, hospital authorities have failed to address the concerns raised by patients, leaving them in a perpetual state of uncertainty.

The shocking testimony of Babul Debnath serves as a stark reminder of the dire state of affairs at GB Hospital and the urgent need for reform.

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