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Postponement of Class 10 Bengali Exam in Dharmnagar Due to Leaked Question Papers


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, December 22:  The Department of School Education has announced the postponement of the Class 10 Bengali examination for the Dharmnagar city center following the revealing of leaked question papers for the pre-board examination. The decision to defer the exam is presumed to be a preventive measure taken in response to the possibility of leaked question papers affecting the integrity of the examination.

Criticism has been mounting in the field of school education, where the pre-exam leaks have become a significant concern. Even before the commencement of exams across the state, the distribution of question papers to exam candidates has become a recurrent issue. In this instance, it has been alleged that question papers for the pre-board exams were being sold for two thousand rupees.

Currently, centralized question papers are used in government schools across the state for uniformity in the examination process. However, the pre-board examinations fall outside this system. Therefore, the incident of leaked Bengali question papers affecting Class 10 exams seems limited to the Dharmnagar city center. An investigation is underway, and allegations of selling question papers are being probed.

In a press release, the Education Department stated that, under the ‘Vidyajyoti’ project, government grants are not provided to government-aided and private schools that do not follow centralized question paper distribution. Consequently, the Class 10 Bengali exam for Dharmnagar has been postponed. Further announcements regarding the rescheduling of the exam will be made in the coming days.

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